Chess as a Socially-Distant Game


Hyatt Criser

Because of social distancing many people have turned to online games, such as chess, to pass their time. Friends are bonding and smiles are forming, for this socially-distant experience is a lot of fun and easy to access.

Hyatt Criser, Staffer

During this era of social distancing, Netflix and an immense amount of Cheeto Puff consumption, finding new ideas to pass time has never been more difficult. But let me unveil to you, my friends, fun, sociallydistant yet social time passing experience: online chess. Online chess is a great way to take your mind off the craziness of 2020, create smiles with your friends and still stay a safe distance away. 

It’s as easy as downloading the game Chess from the App Store or searching up on the internet. Both options allow you to play competitively against other players, with a certain time limit, to eliminate players from taking an extended period for each turn. There is also a chat box in every match that allows the players to communicate and socialize with each other. Any harsh language will not be tolerated, but competition and intensity become greater due to this socialization aspect. Friends can also be accessed through this app/website, which creates a different type of excitement as bragging rights suddenly come into play. 

 If you are worried that your opponent will have a much higher or lower skill level, worry no more as ranks players based on their wins and losses to ensure that no advanced player will ever face off against a beginner. Not only does set up online games, but it also has puzzles, which mimic different situations on the chess boardand lessons, both of which immensely improves your game. So, create your account, increase your chess rankand challenge your friends, for is a great way to spend time with you your friends and stay socially safe through this season of quarantine. 

Now if you don’t want to get too serious with chess, or you just can’t persuade your friends to download the appinstall Game Pigeon, which literally lets you play chess, along with some other games, through iPhone messages. Even though there is no time limit in this version of online chess and it doesn’t provide fun puzzles and challenges, some people prefer this way of playing chess to because they find it to be easier and more efficient as they can play games throughout the day, whenever they have time. Game Pigeon has been a popular app throughout the past couple of years, but ever since they added chess to their variety of games, people of all ages can’t stop playing. 

Opportunities are out there; quarantine doesn’t have to be just Netflix and Tik TokOnline chess can fulfill the calm, relaxing or the intense, competitive experience that you are looking forWhether you decide to download Chess in the app store or install Game Pigeon through messages, staying socially distant will be easier and more enjoyable as online chess lets you improve your game, pass time, and stay social at a safe distance.