Halloween Costumes From 2020 Culture

Looking for unique costumes from 2020 culture? Then never fear, this list will help you as Halloween nears. Whether you’re aggressively digging through the depths of Amazon, the Dark Web (the second page of Google), or you’re speeding down Dale Mabry to go to Party City, these costumes are simple and applicable to any store or wardrobe!  

Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? I guess we’ll never know. Tiger King, a 2020 Netflix series, consists of the most well-known characters: Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. For these characters, there are a variety of ways to include self-touches. For Carole Baskin, all you need is a flower crown, a long flowy dress or shirt and pants. If you want to go all out: you can add a long blonde wig. For a Joe Exotic costume, you will need jeans, a sparkly tiger print shirt, a baseball hat and a fake goatee. For both Baskin and Joe Exotic, you can make it a group costume by having someone dress up as a tiger. 

I am not okay with the fact that the end of October is approaching. An American comedy-drama and coming-of-age Netflix show, I Am Not Okay with This is another popular show this year. You can recreate one of the main characters, Syd, by wearing a long-textured jacket, jean skirt, sweater, tights and Doc Martens Oxford shoes (or any black shoes like this). Another outfit you can wear is a strapless, long, silk dress with Oxford shoes. For an extra touch if you are wearing the dress, add fake blood. Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers.  

The second season of End of the ****ing World (also known as 2020) was released on Netflix at the end of 2019. Alyssa and James are the main characters. For James, you can replicate one of his most well-known outfits by wearing a flannel and black pants or a red Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans. His hair is dark and messy. For Alyssa, you can throw on a long, loose, patterned and neutral-colored dress with a medium-length jacket and a backpack. She has straight, dirty blonde hair that rests at her shoulders.  

Venturing away from Netflix, Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey, a DC Comics movie released this year, wears bright colors in an edgy way. For her, you’ll need a cropped jacket with brightly covered sleeves, shorts (preferably striped), a brightly colored cropped shirt, a plastic hammer and a chain necklace. You can copy her look by also wearing pig tails with bangs, simple dark grey eyeshadow and smudged red lipstick. 

Red is kind of sus. Among Us, a game released this year, is a popular costume as much as it is a popular game. You’ll need a solid-colored, matching pants and shirt. You’ll also need something rectangle or oval-like around your head such as sunglasses. Avatars are customizable in this game, so you can add many accessories such as a hat, get creative!  

Justice Ginsburg recently passed away this year on Sept. 18. You dress up as Ginsburg by wearing a black “cape” dress and a white lace accessory that goes around the neck. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a costume with both morality and uniqueness.