The Top Five Worst Halloween Candies

Izzy Antilla, Features Editor

A ranking of the worst five candies no one should choose from the candy bucket 


5. Whoppers 

Whoppers aren’t too bad but the malt ball that the chocolate encases is plain and doesn’t taste good. I’m all for diversity in flavor and texture in candy, but I think something needs to be added to make the candy a little bit more enjoyable. If Whoppers had more chocolate or weren’t so airy, they wouldn’t make it on this list.  

4. Three Musketeers  

 I have never met anyone who has said Three Musketeers is their favorite candy and I think that’s because it’s bland uninteresting. Fundamentally it is just all nougat and a small covering of chocolate. Simply given a choice, don’t choose Three Musketeers because there’s plenty of other candy on the market with a more diverse taste. 

 3. Almond Joy 

I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to mix almonds, chocolate, and coconut together, but it is most definitely not the move. The chocolate in an almond joy and the almonds themselves are fine. To add some manufactured and mushy coconut completely ruins the candy. So, don’t look to Almond Joy if you want a sweet simple treat. If you’re craving for chocolate and almonds stick to Hershey’s.  

2. Laffy Taffy 

What I most dislike about Laffy Taffy’s is that feeling after it gets stuck in your teeth and you must fight to pick it out, not only that the flavor it leaves in your mouth is just fake fruity flavoring. The flavors of Laffy Taffy aren’t just bad, most specifically banana which shouldn’t be allowed as a candy, but they aren’t favorable for trick or treating since they melt and become a sticky mess. So, unless you want to clean up a sticky mess on your stuff and in your teeth of some processed candy, I advise you to stay away from Laffy Taffy’s. 

1. Fun Dip  

Since childhood, everyone has always loved Fun Dip, but its overtly sugary and fake taste compels me to put it at number one for the worst candies. First, the stick given to you has no taste then the sugar you’re using is just simply sugar. So basically, all you are eating is straight up sugar, so why not just buy a big bag of sugar and eat that? If you got some pure sugar you wouldn’t have to experience the tingly feeling on your tongue that comes with eating the over-processed sugar in Fun Dip.