Hockey team wins first seven games


Watching closely, sophomore forward Chris Hardin follows where the opponent takes the puck. Hardin scored one of the 12 goals vs Pool West during the second period.

Emma Kuschmeider, Staffer

On Friday, Oct. 2, the hockey team started their season by defeating Pool West 12-1. Since their first game the hockey team has gone undefeated, with their current record being 7-0.

“I for sure see us going to states and hopefully winning,” junior forward Nicholas Osgood said. “Our coach has all the experience, our goalie is talented and we have a great team composition and depth. As long as we continue to improve and play as a team, I see a future full of winning.” 

Plant had 56 shots on goal while Pool West had around 20. Sophomore goalie Jerry Tarkiainen, had a saving percentage of 0.950, only letting one of the 20 shots into the goal.  

“We have a lot of new players as well as a lot of our top players returning this season,” forward senior Sam Darche said. “I think we have a pretty good shot at being the best team in the league and make a good playoff run, hopefully making it to the states again this year.”  

Sophomore forward Brenden Sickles scored the three goals, the most by any player that night. Additionally, sophomore forward Colin Girsch had two assists, the most of the game.  

Following COVID-19 concerns, only family members and media were able to get into the game. Families had to say the players name and then get their temperature taken to get into the game. Safety guidelines were followed and strictly in place at the game.  

“I feel like the students that want to watch the games won’t be happy,” sophomore forward Chris Hardin said.  

Last season, the hockey team ranked second in both the Lecavalier Division and Western Conference and this season the team has their eyes on winning the State Championship. The next game will be versus Durant High School at Tampa General Hospital Ice Plex on Friday, Oct. 6 at 9:45 p.m.