Song of the week: “two queens in a king sized bed”


Jessie Larrinaga

The holiday season is upon us, and girl in red’s new song, “two queens in a king size bed” embodies the Christmas spirit. The song was released on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Jessie Larrinaga, Managing Editor

On November 18, girl in red dropped a new song called “two queens in a king sized bed.” The song embodies the spirit of Christmas while being an ode to a sweet holiday romance.  

A light piano melody is accompanied by Marie Ulven’s soft vocals. Sleigh bells periodically jingle softly. Lyrics like, “two queens in a king sized bed, there’s no mistletoe above our heads, but I’ll kiss you anyways, on Christmas day,” give the song a cheerful tone.  

The sound of the song and its vocals can be described as cozy, and it gives off a very different vibe from some of her other songs, like bad idea! or i wanna be your girlfriend. 

Marie Ulven, also known as girl in red has become an idol of the LGBTQ+ community, because her songs are often about queer loveOne of her most popular songs, “we fell in love in october” and this new song are both about the same relationship of Ulven’s 

 When asked what the song was about, Ulven said, “Reminiscing about a Christmas I had with a person I love. When lying in bed glued to their body didn’t feel close enough. When we wanted every second to last forever.”  

The song is perfect for holiday playlists and people just trying to get into the Christmas mood. COVID-19 has changed the way that many people will celebrate the holidays, because gatherings will be limited. Despite this, girl in red still gave us a song that allows people to feel a sense of normalcy.  

The scene depicted in the song, along with the elements of pianogive it a similar sound to some other well-known Christmas songs, but Ulven’s voice is so unique that it sets the song apart in a modern way.  

In an interview with NME, girl in red said that her debut album will be finished by Christmas and will come out in 2021. This means that we can expect more music from Ulven very soon. `