Athlete of the week: Danny Weinberger


Samantha Macuare

Kicking the ball, Junior Danny Weinberger prepares to pass the ball to his teammates. This year is Weinberger’s third year on the Plant boys’ soccer team.

Samantha Macuare, Managing Editor

Q: “How did you get started playing your sport? How long have you been playing?” 

A: “I started playing soccer when I was six years old at a club called RSL. I’ve been playing for 10 years now.” 

Q: “What is your favorite part/aspect of the sport? 

A: “My favorite aspect of soccer is definitely playing with all of my friends. It is a sport that revolves around team effort and we all get along super well so I think that is what makes us work. 

Q: “How has the sport shaped you into who you are today?” 

A: “Soccer has helped me develop communication skills and practice leadership. These skills have really helped me in other activities I do outside of soccer. 

Q: “What is the most important thing you have learned from playing the sport?” 

A: “The most important thing I’ve learned from soccer is that you can never be too clear, especially when in a game. 

Q: “What is one of your favorite memories from playing the sport?” 

A: “One of my favorite memories of playing soccer for Plant is beating Jesuit earlier this year. 

Q: “How far do you want to take the sport?” 

A: “I think my soccer career will be coming to an end after my senior season, next year.  

Q: “Who is your inspiration? Is it a coach, teammate, professional athlete?” 

A:My inspiration is my father, he played soccer when he was a kid and I’ve been playing ever since he signed me up years ago.” 

Q: “What are you most excited for this season?” 

A:I am most excited for the playoffs this hear; we have a solid team and hope to advance far.”