The Best Cheese Pizza in Tampa


Ava Satterfield

The winning cheese pizza: this large, 20” pizza from Eddie & Sam’s. The thinnest crust came out on top.

Who makes the best cheese pizza in Tampa? I set out this week to find the answer. In pursuit of the perfect slice, I ordered cheese pizza from three of Tampa’s most popular pizzerias: Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and Cappy’s Pizzeria.  

Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza is located in downtown Tampa, across from Tampa Riverwalk. Eddie & Sam’s is also available for delivery on Doordash. The pizza slices were huge, each slice was double the size of a regular slice. Although the bigger slice was more difficult to eat, the taste made up for it. The pizza had a perfect cheese to sauce ratio. The cheese tasted real, and the sauce was not too sweet. The crust was thin, and the pizza was light. I was impressed with Eddie & Sam’s. I will be ordering from them again.  

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is in Westshore Plaza, and can also be ordered for delivery. The pizza did not have enough cheesethe most important part of a cheese pizza. The small amount of cheese tasted like processed, fake Lunchables cheese. Their sauce, on the other hand, was decent. The crust was average tasty and thin. Grimaldi’s is a step above Domino’s, but I would not order cheese pizza from there again.  

Cappy’s Pizzeria on Bay to Bay Blvd is open for dine in and takeout. Warning: they only accept cash. Cappy’s cheese pizza was comparable to Eddie & Sam’s. Both the cheese and sauce were great. I could taste the fresh tomato. Though the crust was thin, the pizza was greasier and more filling than Eddie & Sam’s.  

The title of best cheese pizza in Tampa goes to Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza. The decision was tough to make, as Cappy’s was also top-notch. Eddie & Sam’s came out on top because of the pizza’s exceptional cheese and sauce.