How to easily keep the world clean and green

Five easy ways to remain more environmentally conscious.


Izzy Antilla

Showing a preview to the article, the graphic encourages following five tips in order to help reduce environmental impacts. In the last 100 years, the planet has suffered repercussions from rising temperatures and sea levels.

Izzy Antilla, Feature's Editor

1) Using reusable water bottles: Single-use plastic accounts for much of the pollution within landfills as well as within our ocean. To eliminate a big contributor to the problem, simply using a reusable water bottle is easy as it reduces your waste while increasing efficiency, as you won’t have to continuously buy such water bottles.  


2) Try to shop in more secondhand clothing stores rather than large corporations: Clothing on a day-to-day basis becomes a large contributor to waste and the pollution of our environment. But through thrift stores and second-hand store you can directly help by getting these clothes before they have the chance to go to landfills. This is an easy way to help which also helps save money as many thrift and second-hand stores heavily reduce their prices while still providing durable clothes.  


3) Focus on reducing waste through your eating habits: Though many of us enjoy a nice steak or chicken occasionally, meat uses many resources and helps in depleting the planet of much of its good soil. So, an easy way to help is to participate in meatless Mondays, a common practice in many restaurants where you could get deals for eating meatless, something that can reduce costs and help the planet as a result.  


4) Try to reduce your own personal littering: Of course, not littering in the first place is a good idea to help the planet, especially when many animals die as a result of littering trash flowing into the ocean, the production of trash in natural resources can detriment them. So, waiting to throw trash till you can find a proper place and or picking up trash when you see it, is a great way to help with a minimal amount of effort.  


5) Re-think the way you get places: Though sometimes it can be hard to think or a different way to get places, the emissions from driving contributes largely to climate change as well as the fracking for oil and gas to fuel cars. Sowhen possible, riding a bike or walking somewhere close by is a great option, and maybe if you’re on the market for a new car to look at environmentally friendly models instead.