Students give their opinions on AP classes

Studying at her table, junior Pearson Heim reviews her notes for her AP Environmental Science test. Juniors and seniors share their opinions on the AP classes offered at Plant.

Sam Macure

Studying at her table, junior Pearson Heim reviews her notes for her AP Environmental Science test. Juniors and seniors share their opinions on the AP classes offered at Plant.

Samantha Macuare, Managing Editor

Never know which APs to take? Not to worry, your classmates are here to help! Plant students give their real opinion on the AP classes here at Plant.  

AP Economics: “I would definitely recommend taking AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics. I think it’s very important that we gain an understanding of our economy before we become adults. The class is pretty tricky, but it usually follows logic. I have liked it so far, but microeconomics is much better than macroeconomics.” Senior Erin Moffitt 

AP European History: “AP European History is honestly the best class. The teacher is amazing, and he makes the course so easy there are no tests. He makes you think about life and he actually cares about your well-being.” Senior Andres Sada 

AP Government: “I would definitely recommend taking AP Government for sure! It’s an easy AP and it’s very interesting learning how our government system works. You learn all about the different parts of the government and how they work. If someone’s on the fence about whether to take it or not, definitely do! It’s worth it later in your life.” Junior Dru Seymour 

AP Human Geography: “I think AP Human Geography was a great first AP class to take because it really taught me how to effectively outline, take notes and study for tests in order to succeed. The content you learn in the course continues to come up in other classes, as well, like AP U.S. Government and AP Environmental Science, which is super beneficial. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and would recommend it to others as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to study.” Junior Libby Gough. 

AP Psychology: “Yes, I do recommend it’s my favorite class. Mr. Boza is my favorite teacher, and its super interesting and fairly easy. He doesn’t give a lot of homework you only have to study for quizzes and tests but besides that no homework.” Junior Sophia Fournier 

AP Latin: “AP Latin is a really interesting class because we not only translate the texts of famous Roman authors but also explore the military and cultural history of an empire that was involved in shaping Western Europe to a large extent. I would definitely recommend taking it if you have prior Latin experience because the Mr. Henson is a great teacher, and the workload is not too bad.” Senior Matthew Maney 

AP French: “I would definitely recommend it you really learn a lot. You get to use what you’ve learned in reading in advanced literature and in writing essays. You also really get to learn a lot about French culture. It’s not really a hard class and plus you’ve had past years of French classes, so you already have that base knowledge in order to do well so it’s really not that hard.” Senior Samuel Garside 

AP Spanish Language: “I think the whole experience has been great. Our class gets along well as gets to share our experience and different cultures as we come from different Spanish speaking countries.” Junior JP Florentino Mattos 

AP Spanish Literature: “The class exposes you to Hispanic culture, especially its literature. It dives deep into stories, songs and even theater plays. The class focuses on interpretation and analysis of these types of literary works and how they have changed over the decades. I recommend this class because it will help students learn and appreciate Spanish literature in a whole different way.” Senior Keoni Aponte 

AP U.S. History: “It’s a really interesting class. It’s a bit course load heavy but I think the material is very pertinent to life. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in history or just wants to take an interesting class.”  Junior Jessica Thaxton 

AP World History: “AP World was definitely a challenging class. We were responsible for reading the textbook outside of class, as well as taking notes in class. Mr. Nonnenkamp always made class interesting by including funny stories or tricks to remember information during his power points. I learned a lot about how humanity evolved over time and advanced. I recommend this class to anyone who finds history especially interesting or just wants to challenge themselves.” Junior Mackenzie Nichols   

AP Computer Science: “I enjoyed the class because I got to learn how to code while meeting new people. We could work together to understand how computers program and operate. I would definitely recommend taking it.” Junior Pranav Jadhav 

AP 2D/3D & Studio Art: “I’ve only taken 2D, but I really enjoy it and it’s nice to have a creative outlet planned into your school day.” senior Morgan Austrich 

AP Art History: “AP Art History is a great class. Mr. Ren is an amazing teacher; he really gives his all to his students. He makes it super interesting and I would definitely recommend the class to anyone.” Junior Otis Wildman  

AP Music Theory: “I personally found the class very interesting, insightful and enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who would like to further their music education.” Senior Zeke Bruehl  

AP Language: “AP Language isn’t actually as difficult as people perceive it to be. Sure, there’s obviously going to be writing involved sand a few essays here and there, but in my opinion, I surprisingly enjoy the class because the curriculum doesn’t gloss over real-world implications and social issues. The AP Lang teachers are also well versed in their application of teaching and pretty much make this class easier to approach.” Junior Madison Briggs 

AP Literature: “AP Literature with Mr. Thomas has been a very enjoyable class. We have read multiple novels and plays and have learned a lot about writing different types of essays, but his class is still fun and chill. Although the class does require regular reading and writing outside of class, the workload has been very manageable overall, and I would recommend the course to incoming seniors.” Senior Maggie Rowan 

AP Capstone: “AP Capstone is the hardest class I have taken so far. Capstone is not for procrastinators and I would not recommend people who do not like to work hard to take it. Although it is a very demanding class it also looks really good on college applications and it will set you apart from other students during admissions decisions. For me that was enough to push through and take it but for some that may not be enough motivation.” Junior Pearson Heim  

AP Calculus: “AP Calculus isn’t terrible; it just takes a lot of concentration to understand the concepts. I’ve always been better at math than any ither subject so it’s not ultra-hard. I would recommend it for people who like math to some extent. It’s a true test to one’s sanity.” Junior Amy Cha  

AP Statistics: “AP Statistics is a really good class to take as a senior and I would definitely recommend it. It is pretty easy, and the teacher, Mr. Jones, is super funny and chill. There is not too much math, it’s mostly reading and understanding the questions. Also, in AP Statistics, you use the things that you learn about in the real world and can apply them to your own life.” Senior Addie Robey 

AP Biology: “AP Biology was a cool class to take. I personally did well in that class, and I thought it was very interesting. However just like any other AP it is a lot of work. I recommend that if you don’t like science don’t put yourself through all the stress, but if you do like science it is an interesting class to take.” Senior Annika Johnson  

AP Chemistry: “It’s a hard class for sure, it’ll kick you over and over again if you aren’t prepared. But it’s a great class if you’re ready for it, I would recommend it, but you really have to like chemistry.” Junior Emily Geiger 

AP Environmental: “Personally, environmental science wasn’t my subject, nor my favorite class to take. However, it allowed me to broaden my thinking about worldly issues and discover a new study that so many people enjoy. I would recommend the course purely because I know that many will like the concepts taught and find it to be an interesting class with a lot of interaction.” Senior Caroline Patsko 

AP Physics 1: “It’s a really interesting and fun class. Mr. Skoglund is one of the best teachers I’ve had at Plant. Only take it if you’re ready to go the extra mile because this class is very challenging.” Junior Luis Marrero  

AP Physics C: “AP Physics C was the most interesting class I have ever taken in high school. Although challenging, Mr. Skoglund is a great teacher and makes the subject interesting. Everyone participates when solving the complex Physics problems. I would only recommend taking the class if you are willing to put up the work.” Senior Pedro Lapagesse