‘Ginny and Georgia,’ A Netflix Hit or Miss?

A review on a new and popular Netflix show, ‘Ginny and Georgia’


Izzy Antilla

Showing a picture of the three main characters of the new Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia,” the graphic introduces the review on one of Netflix’s newest, popular shows. “Ginny and Georgia” appeals to all audiences, giving a perspective on being a mixed race teenager with a plethora of familial issues, while trying to fit in at a new school.

Izzy Antilla, Feature's Editor

Netflix is known for their many popular and entertaining originals, one of their most recent called “Ginny and Georgia.” The show works to show a portrayal of the high school experience for the main character, Ginny, along with the common ills of high school the show reflects on self-harm, trauma, and struggling with your racial identity.  

The show dives into similar issues with other supporting and main character, like Ginny’s mother, Georgia, which after watching the show, you learn is a victim of abuse.  

While it does tap into these issues, the show has fun and entertaining elements mixed in as well, showing Ginny with her friends, dances and all the fun elements of high school life. But unlike some shows which portray high schoolers, these events are not all romanticized and maintains the reality that many teenagers face.  

Overall, I enjoyed the show thoroughly as it was entertaining, and I thought it did one of the best depictions of modern-day high school life. Unlike other high school shows which exaggerate drug usage and partying or underestimate it, “Ginny and Georgia” shows a more realistic day to day life of a teenager.  

Personally, I also enjoyed how they emphasized Ginny’s struggle with her identity, as being mixed race as well it was refreshing to see a perspective like mine.  

Even though some topics of the show, like murder and police activity, may be a little unrealistic for most teenagers, overall, the show did a good job to reflect on many issues without incorrectly portraying them or being unrealistic. I mean to be fair it is a television show, so they must add some unrealistic elements to keep viewers interested in the show.  

What I think I liked most about the show was the capabilities to develop characters in a way that was gradual, comfortable, and effective. For example, Georgia, Ginny’s mom, was introduced by the murder she committed to her ex-husband, but the story developed showing how she herself was abused and faced a series of traumas. Even with Ginny’s friend group which started all as stereotypical friend group developed, showing the problems they faced as well. 

Going into the show, I wasn’t sure if I would be interested, as it seemed like there was a lack of a plot, but after watching I believe it is not just entertaining but impactful, teaching me a lot more about other perspectives as well as making me feel comfortable in my own, I would recommend the series and can’t wait for the next season