Lucid Motors: Is this the new Tesla?


Emma Kuschmeider

A new electric car manufacturer, Lucid Motors, has around every possibility to take over Tesla’s reign. The luxury and Motorsport brand will be the newest and biggest competitor Tesla will go against, especially as the world is starting to convert to EV’s.

Emma Kuschmeider, Staff Writer

The world is looking at a future of electric vehicles. Favorable manufacturers like Volkswagen and Porsche are converting their popular gas-powered cars to electric models and have started to drop out of gas-powered motor sports such as Formula 1 and GT Racing. Currently, Tesla Motors tops the charts in EV sales, leaving other companies in the dust in possible EV sales. Recently, TVs around the world looked at the newest introduction to a new manufacturer: Lucid Motors, the possible end to Tesla Motors success.  

Lucid Motors describes themselves as designing luxury electric vehicles. Right now, Lucid’s hit and first car, the Lucid Air, is topping around half a billion dollars in reservations. According to many sources, Lucid’s models (which include the Air, Grand Touring, Air Touring and Air Dream Edition) all deliver levels of performance, efficiency and luxury that is unseen on current electric vehicles.  

 Lucid Motors plans to make a broader adoption and more attainable EV with better and more improved technology than current EV’s on the road. Their goal even, is to inspire the adoption of sustainable transportation by creating the most captivating electric vehicles, centered around the human experience. Claimed on their website, they built the Lucid Air “to achieve benchmark-setting range without compromising any of the high performance that makes it an extraordinary driver’s car.”  

Lucid Motors is proving themselves to be the best electric car manufacturer out there, in vehicle production and electric vehicle motor sports. Their most powerful car currently, Lucid Air Dream Edition, tops around 1080 horsepower, comparing to the Tesla high-end car, the Model S Plaid+ which has an additional 20 horsepower, topping around 1,100 hp. Despite the change, the Lucid Air Dream Edition is still faster than majority of cars currently on the road today.  

Relating back to Tesla, Lucid Motors is headed up by former chief-engineer of the Tesla Model S, Peter Rawlinson. Rawlinson is following former boss, Elon Musk’s playbook that gears towards production, technology, dealerships and serviceLucid screams for competition against Tesla and has every possibility of knocking them down from their rank 

Additionally, Lucid plans to manufacture energy storage products or both home batteries and utility-scale devices. Tesla, on the other-hand, runs a solar business since they acquired SolarCity in 2016. So what does that mean for Lucid not running a solar business? Lucid won’t have to worry about the distractions and burdens a solar business takes on. On that note, Tesla will be distracted with its additional solar business while Lucid will only be focused on making better and more improved electric vehicles, making their way to the top and the biggest challenge for car manufacturers.  

Already, Lucid plans to slowly decrease prices for the current modelsFor a start, Lucid is selling their high-end version of the Air for around $169,000 only to later decrease the pricing down for Air models to around $77,400 around the year 2022, which will compete against multiple Tesla models. Their least expensive car will hopefully come down to around $69,900.  

Demand for electric vehicles are continuing to increase, especially as U.S. President, Joe Biden, plans to reverse former President Donald Trump’s emissions and fuel economy regulations as well as pledging to make the U.S. government vehicle fleet all-electric by 2030So, as more states convert to electric vehicle laws, the prices for these futuristic cars need to come down in order for everyone to drive an EV by that year.  

Lucid Motors planned to host several events in order to get the word out about themselves, just like Tesla. But the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to resort to advertisements. Lucid still received several positive outcomes by advertisementsLucid is also taking on Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales and service models. That means the sale is not the basic selling through franchise dealerships. On that hand, it eliminates the need for retailers and wholesalers overall. Currently, Lucid has around six retail locations located in California and Florida and plan to take over Tesla’s 160.  

By looks, Lucid cars look more appealing and luxury than the typical Tesla look. Tesla’s give off a boring and dull look on every Type vehicle. There is no excitement, and it surely doesn’t grab as many  eyes than a Lucid vehicle would as it drives off. The Lucid vehicles are the future of pure luxury. Clean, pristine and sleek, the Lucid vehicles will for sure drag attention from anyone, especially those deeply holding onto their historic gas-powered vehicles.  

Luxury or not, Lucid Motors has every chance to beat Tesla and their high ratings. It could take awhile or a short time before Lucid ends Tesla’s streak of powerWith high stats in motor sports and the electric luxury Lucid shines on their carsmore Lucid vehicles will be commonly driven and will top off the amount of unreliable Tesla’s on the road today