Bathrooms Closed During Lunch Periods


Samantha Macuare

Due to vandalism and eating in the bathroom, bathrooms will be closed with the exception of the main hall bathroom during lunch periods.

Samantha Macuare, Editor In Chief

As of August 10th, all bathrooms at Plant High except for first floor main hall will be closed during lunch periods. This is a preventative measure to keep kids from vandalizing and eating in the bathrooms.

“Someone is vandalizing bathrooms and we can’t keep them clean,” Principal Johnny Bush said. “I go to the boy’s bathroom; I got no soap; the toilet paper is in the urinal… it’s a few ruining it for the many. We also can’t keep track of 800 kids roaming around the place, there are 4 places to eat lunch no one should be going to the bathrooms over there [referring to new building and south hall]… Our kids are great its not a major issue, but it is something we are trying to curve.”

Although administration came to this decision during summer, it caught new and returning students by surprise. Even though the school finds their reasoning fair and understandable, some plant students have expressed discontent.

“I understand why the bathrooms are closed it just sucks that everyone has to pay for it,” senior Isabella Gonzalez said. “I shouldn’t have to walk all the way to main hall from new building to go to the bathroom, it disrupts my learning.”