Homecoming Moved to September


Avery Owens

Despite the fact that homecoming has been postponed, there are still some great options for dresses.

Jadyn Mize, Staffer

The stress that homecoming brings is officially starting a month early. Instead of setting the date in Oct. as expected, Plant’s homecoming is now scheduled for Sept. 25.
“It was because we have to coordinate with the band and also with the stadium we are using for the event in order to fit our event in,” Senior and E-board member Silvia Farfante said.
From contemplating how you want to style your hair to deciding what nail color you want for your toes, getting everything done on time is honestly a lot of pressure.
“Where do I even begin? Since we didn’t have homecoming last year, it’s a lot of stress figuring out everything like where to have dinner and transportation to make sure we have a fun time since we didn’t get the opportunity to have hoco last year due to COVID-19,” Sophomore Parker Newkirk said.
Homecoming is supposed to be the one time of the year where you can let loose, dance and enjoy your evening with all your friends while trying to figure out how you’re going to wear a pair of heels the whole night. But it is never that easy — planning and visualizing your perfect homecoming night is a nerve-wracking and chaotic task to complete.
“Due to the Coronavirus last year, we proceeded to not have homecoming, and I felt rushed and obligated to put everything together last minute, so it’s important for me this year; to have everything better planned out ahead of time,” Junior Haley Stieben said.
When it comes down to saying yes to the dress, everyone looks out for themselves, searching for the dress nobody has. Everyone wants to outdo each other, which leads to large amounts of money and hours spent online or in-store shopping. As well as figuring out if you want a basic but elegant dress or a dress that stands out that may or may not clash with your date. After finding the dress you feel most confident in and talking it over with your mom and best friend, you have now checked off the most challenging job (even though the day after homecoming, it will just be another article of clothing stuffed in the crevices of your closet.)
“Everyone in South Tampa wears the same sort of stuff. This year, I am stressed because I’m worried about wearing the same dress as someone else. Everyone will just end up wearing the same dress but in different colors. Also, homecoming being a month early doesn’t make anything easier,” Junior Lauren Luciani said.
Despite the anxiety and chaotic energy homecoming brings, it’s all worth it in the end. The tension this high school event creates is overcome with fun, fulfilled memories that none of us will ever forget.
Tickets are available online at http://mypaymentsplus.com starting August 25.

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