‘Outer Banks’ Season 2: Worth the Hype?


Avery Owens

Season two of ‘Outer Banks’ has been released over the summer, and students discuss if it still lives up to the popularity it received over season one.

Maris Brown, Staffer

This summer felt a lot like the summer of 2020. A new strain of COVID and a new season of ‘Outer Banks?’ It seems like déjà vu for many people who scavenge the halls of Plant High The first season left on a cliffhanger, Rafe just killed the sheriff, and Ward still had the gold in his clutches. Not only that, but John B and Sarah Cameron were castaways, finally being saved by a boat. Viewers were desperate for the second season. Would the pogues get the gold back? Would John B have his name cleared?   


Season two started not too far from where we were left off. John B and Sarah Cameron were still in hiding, the people of the outer banks still believing they’re dead. The pogues are trying to clear John B’s name because they know the truth that it wasn’t John B that killed the sheriff, and it was Rafe.  Sophomore Ethan Bennett shares his thoughts on the second season. “I don’t really like the second season,” Bennett said, “They tried so hard to keep everyone liking it, but it’s so random.”   

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‘Outer Banks’ has everything it needs to be a great show, but why do some people not like this season? Many worry this will be another ‘Riverdale’ notorious for its hooking first season, but it went downhill and completely crashed and burned from that point. So far, ‘Outer Banks’ is safe from that, but fan theories have made others worried that one of the subsequent plot twists would ruin the story.   

Like many other shows, the first season is typically the best. I watched the first season in quarantine, and right off the back, it wasn’t my favorite. I still forced my way through watching with my cousin, who was hooked much more than I. My cousin, being the conniving, watched without me, effectively angering me. Part of the reason I’m not that into ‘Outer Banks’ could be because I associated my ill feelings toward my cousin with the show.

Outer Banks has a significant reputation on social media, but do people feel the same in real life? Senior Emma McClung shares her opinion on the show “I thought this season was better than the first,” McClung said, “I love JJ and Pope. However, I think in the next season, Rafe or John B are going to die.” There is only one way to find out if Mcclung’s theory is true, and that is if Outer Banks gets renewed for season three, but why wouldn’t they? Even those who don’t like the show can’t seem to stop watching.