Breaking down the One Direction albums


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The band One Direction performs on stage in front of thousands of fans. Millions of people around the world are still waiting for their return.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

On July 23, 2010, arguably one of the best boybands of all time was formed on a TV show called the X- Factor in the UK. The group consists of five boys: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. After six years of producing five different albums, the band went on an eighteen-month hiatus and unfortunately never came back. There are currently millions of fans all around the world waiting for their return to the music industry together.

Throughout the six years, One Direction sold out an entire tour in only two minutes, was nominated for 366 awards, received six Guinness World Records, and each album hit the top of the charts once it was released. The band’s first album was Up All Night. Then, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Four, and Made in the A.M. In Feb. of 2012, One Direction announced that they would be going on a world tour called, The Take Me Home Tour in 2013, which sold out in minutes. Even though every album is incredible, fans have different opinions about which one is the best. 

On Sept. 11, 2011, One Direction’s first-ever single, What Makes You Beautiful, came out. Then, just two months later the entire album Up All Night was released on Nov. 18. There is also a music video for What Makes You Beautiful that currently has over one billion views! Throughout this album the boys are very young, so their voices have not matured yet, but they still produced an album that was number one on the United States Billboard 200 and top of the charts in sixteen different countries. The songs on Up All Night are just an entry to all the love songs with a mix of pop that will be what One Direction is known for later on. 

One Direction’s second album, Take Me Home, was released on Nov. 12, 2012, and sold over four million copies which made it the fourth bestselling album of 2012. Also, the songs Little Things, Over Again, and Moments were written by Ed Sheeran when the band collaborated with him. “I like the first two albums more than the newer ones because I like seeing how little the boys were,” Junior Sofia Gray said. In the beginning, their voices were very pure, and it is incredible that they could still sing that way so young. 

The third album is called Midnight Memories and it is the most energetic and uplifting one out of them all. It is my favorite album because the boys finally grew into their voices, and it contains the best songs. Some examples are: Happily, Best Song Ever, Midnight Memories, and Diana. “Midnight Memories gives me the vibe of pop-rock and airhead songs which is why it is One Direction’s best album,” Sophomore Sofia Carballo said. This album reminds listeners to live life to the fullest, be yourself, and most importantly create lasting memories. 

“Four is my favorite album because all the boys have really big solos that make the songs much better,” Sophomore Gianna Valenti said. The style of Four is a lot like the band is expressing their past romances through the music. The most popular songs in this album include Night Changes, Clouds, Steal My Girl, and 18. Also, Four is the last album produced that Zayn was a part of, because, on Mar. 25, 2015, he left the band to continue as a solo artist. 

Made In The A.M. was the last One Direction album that was created, and it was the only one without former band member, Zayn Malik. This album is a favorite by many because the songs take the listeners back through all the old memories and good times when the band was still together. “Made In The A.M. is my favorite album because it shows how much the boy’s voices have evolved in their music-making abilities since Up All Night (the first album),” Junior Mary Anderson said. Even though Made In The A.M. is a goodbye from the boys to the fans, there are still some songs such as Drag Me Down and Olivia, that are upbeat and contain amazing vocals from the boys but especially Harry Styles. 

Needless to say, over five years of producing music One Direction was a massive hit! While listening to the albums you can hear the boy’s sweet voices become strong and powerful, and able to hit notes that make the songs a hundred times better. Even though the band is no longer together, fans still have these timeless albums so they can dance all night to the best songs ever.