Hillsborough County schools sees record high COVID cases

Salena Kahassai, Editor-in-chief

After 2 weeks of school, over 13,000 Hillsborough County students and staff have been quarantined or tested positive with COVID-19.

“We’re third in newly reported cases per capita,” Dr. Jason Salemi, associate professor of epidemiology at USF’s College of Public Health, said. “Once you adjust for population size, we’re fourth in test positivity; we’re tied for fourth in vaccination rates.” 

To help with the COVID cases, an emergency meeting was held on Wednesday, Aug. 18 by the school board where they voted to mandate masks in schools for 30 days, starting Thursday, Aug. 19.

“As irritating masks are, I think it’s beneficial for everyone because it prevents the school having to shut down again,” senior Ashley Cheung said. “I just hope that we can get the situation under control so we can have a normal senior year.”