Students starting online


Giada Moralejo

Students used Zoom and Canvas to help them through the 2020 school year.

Spring 2020 students were forced to do all their work online. For some, it lasted more than six months, and they had to experience their first year of high school through a computer. Now 2021, those people who didn’t get to finish middle school are now sophomores.    

Sophomore Lily Slaughter completed her first semester of high school from the comfort of her own home. Almost overnight, she went from the shelter of her house to a school filled with more than 2,500 peers. When asked what she felt like when transitioning to a new school halfway through the year, Lily explained, “honestly, not that bad because since I started in e-learning in mainly classes of all e-learners, so I was in classes with mostly the same people.”   

Coming back to the comfort of their friends while undergoing such a big change was helpful to most students. Another big help to getting through the year online was the Zoom program. Students were able to see and interact with their friends and teachers throughout the year. Teachers were able to teach live for students who made the decision to stay home.   

People all around the school were staying home for different reasons. Lily expressed that her “parents didn’t think it was safe to go back” and added how she was close with her grandparents, who were in the high risked category. Other people like Devon Barkett stayed home for reasons such as an injury. Devon Barkett, a now sophomore, was at home his whole first year. Explaining that he “got injured during a hockey game and felt like it was the easiest to do.”  

After staying home all year, Devon was able to share that he preferred school because you “stay more focused and learn right then and there without getting distracted.” Many individuals faced the same problem of things around their homes obscuring their focus.   

Maddie Burgin was one of the few students who started online and switched to in person in the first month of her freshman year. “I came back because I think being in person, I had opportunities that I didn’t have online like sports and clubs and being with friends.” Although most students prefer coming to school in person, e-learning still had it’s perks. “I got to sleep in like an hour later, and I just had to put on a T-shirt and do my hair,” Maddie added.   

Now all the students are back from online and at school. Although it is not offered anymore, it was a good option for the challenges of 2020.