Performer of the Week: Gaby Garibaldi


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Singing to the audience, senior Gaby Garibaldi plays the princess in Sleeping Beauty.

Samantha Macuare, Editor In Chief

Q: “How did you get started doing theater?”
A: “I started doing theater when I was in Peru. I’ve been doing dance since I was really young, and the last year of middle school, I decided to try out for the musical, and since then, I’ve loved it.”

Q: “What’s your favorite part about acting/theater?”
A: “My favorite part about theater is the community. The people are so fun and welcoming, especially at PTC. I’ve met some of my closest friends through theater, and knowing all these people makes the rehearsal process 10 times better.”

Q: “Do you plan to pursue acting in the future?”
A: “If I end up going to NYU, I plan on minoring in theater, but if not, I plan on just doing it as a hobby. As much as I love theater, I don’t think it’s the most reliable field, and I’d want to have something else to help me sustain myself in the future. I plan on majoring in something relating to psychology.”

Q: “How has Plant made your skills better?”
A: “Plant has really improved my vocal skills; we’ve had some great vocal directors that have come into work with us for shows like The Drowsy Chaperone, Big Fish and Disenchanted.”

Q: “What are you most looking forward to this year (theatre-related)?”
A: “I’m the president this year, so I’m super excited to meet all the new people coming into the program. We’ve already had a bunch of outreach events and new recruits. I’m also looking forward to our play: “She kills monster,” which has been double-cast; I will be playing the lead Agnes Evans, alongside Tess Lowke.”

Q: “Do you have any influencers when it comes to acting?”
A: “there are plenty of actors that I admire both in film and theater. I love Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff; they have great comedic timing and beautiful voices. I’m also a huge fan of Sairoise Ronan; she is extremely talented and has been in some of my favorite movies like Little Women.”