Met Gala 2021


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On Sept. 13 the Met celebrated another Met Gala. The theme was America, some followed the theme very strictly, however others took a more creative approach.

The Met Gala is a grand event anticipated by every fashion critic, lover, and designer. It is usually held every year on the first Monday in May. However, this year things had to be different. Thanks to the coronavirus, Sept. 13 had to be the official date. The Met Gala is one of the ultimate events held every year for celebrities, models, and designers to showcase the most lavish outfits to fundraise the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume exhibits. The theme for this year was America’s independence.   

It seemed that this Met Gala focused its attention on all the Generation Z celebrities, with guests like Timothee Chalamet, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello, and Lili Reinhart. Nevertheless, there were still many Met Gala regulars: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Emily Blunt, and Iman. Many guests showed up rocking bright reds, deep blues, and even cowboy/girl-inspired looks. However, others decided to take a Hollywood-inspired look from icons such as Bianca Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.   

Talking to the students at Plant High School, we will preview some of the most refined looks, along with some of the worst. Ava Satterfield, a junior, shared her opinion.

“My favorite look of the Met Gala was Kaia Gerber in an Oscar de la Renta gown, it was simple but elegant and a good recreation of Bianca Jagger’s 1981 Met Gala look,” Satterfield said. “My least favorite look was ASAP Rocky because he was wearing a blanket that covered an average looking suit.”

Another junior, Alexis Brown, also had some things to say about the Met Gala looks.

“My least favorite look of the Met Gala was Olivia Rodrigo in a Saint Laurent lace jumpsuit,” Brown said. “It just wasn’t a very Met Gala look and I feel it was more suited for the music awards. My favorite look of the night had to be Kendall Jenner in a sheer Givenchy dress lined in diamonds. The whole thing was so elegant on her, and she wore it like she was born for that dress.”   

Shacty Cruz, a junior, also had an opinion on the Kendall Jenner’s look.

“Kendall Jenner has to have been the best dressed at the Met Gala,” Cruz said. “I loved how intricate all the details were on her dress and accessories. Kim Petras dress was absolutely terrible, I don’t like it at all. This was a Met Gala a prestigious event and her dress reminded me of a 5-year-old playing dress up” 

Given the circumstances this year, the pressure was running high to pull off such an extravagant event, and the creative directors pulled off the exhibit’s delivery classically. The Met Gala served its purpose, to enlighten and inspire people with the latest fashions.