COVID postpones homecoming


Giada Moralejo

Homecoming has been postponed until further notice. As of now, there is no set date for the dance, but the homecoming game is set for Oct. 8.

Last school year all dances were canceled due to Covid- 19. This year Covid started rapidly spreading around the school, leading to the very anticipated dance being put on hold.  

Originally scheduled for Sept. 25th, the school board made the difficult decision to postpone homecoming. People all around the school were working hard to make the dance a success and were sad to find out all of that all that work is going to be put on hold.  

Freshman Sofia Uccello was excited to get to experience her first high school dance, but even with the postponement she is still planning on going. “I am most looking forward to spending the day with my friends” Sofia said.  

COVID-19 has affected our lives for almost two years now. As of Sept. 8th, there are 8,468 total cases that have been reported across the whole county, and 86 at Plant High School alone. After the mask mandate was approved on Aug. 8th the numbers didn’t change. Still, Covid has a heavy impact on students at Plant high school. Sofia thinks they shouldn’t have canceled the dance, “covid isn’t going to end anytime soon and postponing it isn’t going to do anything.” 

As of right now there is no date for the postponed dance, but the official homecoming game is scheduled for Oct. 8th. They will play against Wharton at 7:30 p.m. at Plant High School. At the game they will be announcing the homecoming court. Without a date for the dance students like Sofia “think that they should wait till they know when the dance is because they like go together.”  

Plant students still have their doubts if the dance will actually happen. “I want it to happen but I have a feeling its going it’s going to get canceled,” Sofia said.