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Emily Mangione

A green van sits in front of Xtreme Juice on South Dale Mabry. Many customers a day walk through the doors to pick up a delicious smoothie.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Smoothies are the customary drink on a hot day, after a workout, or just because of their mouthwatering taste. Xtreme Juice is a well-known smoothie shop in South Tampa and is located on South Dale Mabry right next to Einstein Bros. Bagels. Xtreme Juice does not just have smoothies, they have wheatgrass shots, juices, and even custom smoothies. Over 70 smoothies occupy the vast menu of Xtreme Juice. 

 Becoming an employee at Xtreme Juice is an amazing first job, that is why so many high school students work there. This is a popular place of work because of the location close to Plant High School, flexible hours, and the welcoming staff who works there. 

“One of the best things about working at Xtreme Juice is the co-workers because they are very supportive and they are my same age, so I am working with a lot of my classmates which is a lot of fun,” Bella Mangione, a smoothie employee, said. “If I could tell the customers one thing it would be that we have two new smoothies out. One called the Blue Thunder which is named after the hockey team, which has Redbull in it and tastes like a blueberry lemonade. The other one is called Mint Condition which will be released soon, and it has a flavor of mint chocolate chip.” 

Whether a person prefers fruity, peanut butter, sweet, sour, or a green smoothie with kale Xtreme Juice has them all. Or if someone does not see an item on the menu that piques their interest then they can customize their smoothie with as many ingredients as they want. This is a flexible option for customers with specific allergies, a strict diet, or just picky customs to take advantage of that most juice bars do not offer. 

Xtreme Juice also provides online orders, so customers do not have to wait in line for their delicious smoothies. Plus, the workers provide the service of Uber Eats and Door Dash so the smoothies can be delivered to the customers without them having to leave their house. 

Besides having tasty smoothies, Xtreme Juice also provides many different sales for customers to get cheaper drinks. Such as, every Friday is 5-dollar large smoothies, there are punch cards available where if someone gets 10 punches then the 11th smoothie is free, and Sunday cards which mean if a person comes in on Sunday, then they get a free smoothie with a purchase. If the customer asks the employee when ordering their smoothie for a punch card then that person will receive a card while at the register. 


Most Popular Smoothies: 

  • Berry Blast 
  • Almond Brothers 
  • Hail To Kale 
  • Strawberry Banana Incident 
  • Peanut Butter Whirl 
  • Mango Madness 


The atmosphere of Xtreme Juice is very colorful, has great music playing in the background, and most importantly has delicious beverages. There are so many options on the broad menu that there is a smoothie for everyone. Next time you are in the area do not forget to stop by and grab a smoothie! 

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