Immersive art exhibition Fairgrounds opens in Saint Petersburg


Eve Murdick

The new exhibition Fairgrounds St. Pete is now open Thursday through Sunday. Buy your tickets online now!

Fairgrounds in St. Petersburg, FL. embodies and shows the encouragement of artist collaboration in order to showcase interactive, immersed art through all different mediums. This exhibition, located on 28th St. South Street, has works and collaborations from many different artists. 

 Liz Dimmitt and Mikhail Mansion co-founded this exhibition and commissioned 64 artists to create installations in 2020. Ninety percent of the artists are local to Florida. The Fairgrounds team created sets. 

“The artists collaborated with an internal technology team to bring cutting-edge aspects to the experience, as well as lighting, soundscapes and even scents,” Tampa Bay Times said. 

Fairgrounds is an immersive experience in which all of the viewer’s senses are engaged and being utilized to interpret the works. It is analogous to that of a motel with many different rooms.

The name of the exhibition refers to traditional fairgrounds because of their role of hosting a place for talent, creativity, and innovation. It also refers to a community celebration of such talent through convening and celebrating. 

“Our mission is to become a cultural hub for immersive art experiences, and an economic engine for local artists and craftspeople,” Fairground’s website said. “We believe in art for all, joy for all, play for all.” 

The Fairgrounds team created technology for this exhibit in an economic way while simultaneously giving artists freedom to put their works that included technology.

“I think it’s been a really tough 18 months for everyone and being able to bring some happiness and joy back into people’s lives and just have this place that’s all about imagination and fun and discovery in art and creativity in tech, it’s a joy for me,” Dimmitt said.