Artist of the week: Hannah Hanstead


Samantha Macuare

On the floor, a mural that Hannah Hanstead and her art club friends have been working on. Hanstead has been drawing since she was 12.

Samantha Macuare, Editor In Chief

Q: “When did you begin your art career?” 

A: “I’ve always been drawing since I was a kid, but I’d say that I started studying art seriously sometime in Middle School.” 


Q: “What is your favorite medium? Why?” 

A: “Hard to choose, I recently picked up acrylic paints and gave been getting good results but I have to admit that classic pencil sketching is what I appreciate.” 


Q: “What artist has had the most influence on your art?” 

A: “I think J.C. Leyendecker, Francisco de Goya, and any kind of graffiti art I see in the streets were huge influences.” 


Q: “What do you enjoy most about making art?” 

A: “The process of making art is probably when I appreciate the work the most. Being able to get in the zone and slowly chip away at the work-in-progress until I approach the final piece; rendering and final details are definitely my favorite parts.” 


Q: “What is your favorite art creation that you’ve made?” 

A: “I don’t know if I have any favorites? Most of the time when I see art I’ve made I remember the process and the memories attached to the work, so different flavors of nostalgia. Hard to choose a favorite memory when I see my work in that light.” 


Q: “How has Plant influenced your art?” 

A: “Plant’s been great for giving me opportunities to explore new mediums and getting to know people with similar interests in art. I learned a lot from Art History and gained a lot of experience in learning my foundations.” 


Q: “What is one word you would use to describe art? Why?” 

A: “I’d have to say “Evolving” as it’s a very adaptable portion of the human condition. It can be the growth of your own exploration in art or even a reflection of the changing times around you.”