Met Gala: extravagant vs elegant


Avery Owens

Many different and unique outfits were shown at the 2021 Met Gala. Kim Kardashian, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, and Addison Rae were some of the many people who wore memorable outfits.

The Met Gala took place on Monday on Sept. 13. During the show, many celebrities showed up in outfits that drew a lot of attention. The most notable ones were Kim Kardashian (covered in black head-to-toe), Lil Nas X (had three outfit changes), A$AP Rocky (wrapped in a colorful blanket), Simone Biles (wearing an 88-pound dress), and Whoopi Goldberg (dressed in a six-layered bell-shaped dress). Though the celebrities who get invited to the Met Gala can spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to assemble an outfit, the best looks can sometimes be the uncomplicated ones. 

“I think that the flashier outfits are better to draw attention to the person, but when it comes to fashion the more understated ones are better because they are more appropriate for the gala,” junior Bella Mangione said.

Gigi Hadid was my favorite outfit because she looked so elegant and put together in a white Prada gown with black leather gloves. This was Gigi’s sixth Met Gala and she nailed it while raising the fashion standard for future events! There is a fine line between looking fashionable and looking crazy. I know that the Met Gala is a place where celebrities are supposed to show up in a unique outfit that nobody will forget, but it is very easy to go overboard. 

“I think it is culturally interesting to watch people participate in the Met and see all the different outfits and what they are wearing. However, I feel that it is very hypocritical of all these wealthy people to gather around and essentially congratulate themselves for being rich,” said biology teacher, Katherine Roy.

The Met Gala was created to show people the newest trends in fashion and show the outfits to viewers on celebrities in the industry. Although some of them do appear in a classic outfit and are very sophisticated looking there are always those that make people wonder why they would ever wear that.  

“Sometimes it seems like the bigger outfits can lose track of the theme and be a little distracting.” senior Rowan O’ Flanagan said. I understand that bolder outfits get more buzz and popularity on social media, but people need to start appreciating the more modest and elegant dresses because they are just as beautiful. 

Instead of wearing a horse head on a dress as Kim Petras did, just remember that sometimes bigger is not always better. I feel like when certain celebrities get to attend the Met Gala they think, “I have to stand out. I have to look unique. I want everyone to remember this outfit.” And it is perfectly fine to try out new looks at the gala, but the clothing usually ends up looking out of control.