Ranking the Fast & Furious movies


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Fast and Furious as can be assumed by the name, is about cars and heists. There are 9 movies and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Fast Five.

Samantha Macuare, Editor In Chief

#1 Fast Five
The fifth and seventh installments have to be a tie, both fantastic films. This movie starts off with a bang with Mia and Brian forcing the prison bus to crash, freeing Dom. Fast Five is the first real heist movie of the series, with the whole team trying to steal all the money from the National Bank of Brazil. This movie brings the whole band together, and it’s the first time you see them united accomplishing a mission. Their group dynamic made fans fall in love, and a movie without them all together hasn’t been made since. The action and racing in this film are unmatched, plus Mia announces she is pregnant with Brian’s child.

#2 Furious 7
Again, this movie is a tie with the 5th one. If you are going to watch any fast and furious movie, this would be the one to watch. Stepping it up a level, this movie is about stealing software that can find anyone wherever they are. In Furious 7, they jump out of planes, jump out of a bus, and Mia announces she is pregnant … again. Even though I will keep watching the Fast movies till they stop making them, I would have to say this movie was the last good one.

#3 Fast and Furious (2001)
The movie that started the saga. This movie is a perfect feel-good movie. It follows the life of an undercover cop, Brian O’Conner, trying to catch a family of thieves. However, the cop ends up falling in love with his sister, Mia and becoming good friends with her brother, Dom Toretto. O’Conner ends up joining the “gang” but still trying to find out what is going on. The movie ends with the family finding out he is a cop, and they react very poorly. Although it doesn’t end on the best note, it’s important you watch this one to understand the rest.

#4 Fast and Furious 6
I have re-watched this movie recently and have learned to love this movie. After watching the fifth one, it is very hard to compete, but I have now learned this movie offers a different side of the story. Here we are finally let out of the dark as to what happened to Dom’s long-lost love Letty. Letty is alive and is part of a team that is Dom’s rival. They travel to England and defeat Letty’s group and get her back. The gang travels back to L.A. and celebrates their win and the birth of Mia and Brian’s baby.

#5 2 Fast 2 Furious
I’ve recently re-watched this one, and I’ve noticed with a second viewing, my opinion on it has gotten a little better. This movie, as can be assumed by the name, is the second in the series. Sadly, this movie only has one original cast member, Brian. However, they introduce two integral characters who show up in the 5th movie, Roman Pierce and Tej Parker. 2 Fast 2 Furious takes place in Miami with Brian trying to catch a drug dealer with the help of Tej and Roman. Although it is action-packed, the lack of characters from the original movie takes away points.

#6 The Fast and the Furious (2009)
The fourth addition to the fast franchise was a lot better than the third. It brought back characters like Dom Toretto, Brian O’Conner, and Mia Toretto. Like all the other movies, it revolved around street-racing and trying to catch someone doing something illegal. In this fourth movie, they’re trying to find yet another drug dealer. Some positives of the movie are the reconciliation of Dom and Mia with Brian. The movie ends with Dom being arrested and Mia and Brian chasing after his prison transportation bus.

#7 Fast and Furious 8
This is a sad movie, partly because we have a sad death and partly because this was the first fast movie without Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker, the actor who played Brian, died in a car accident.) Dom gone rogue should’ve been the title of this movie. It starts out with everybody happy till Dom finds out he has a kid with a Brazilian woman he was with, in the 5th movie. When his son’s mom and his son’s life are threatened, he turns against his own team. The mission in this movie isn’t memorable, but they do end up killing the son’s mom. However, in the end, Dom’s team finds a way to save him and his son, bringing them home safely. The movie ends at a family barbecue with Dom announcing the name of his son, Brian, for the deceased actor and his character Brian O’Conner.

#8 Fast 9
Fast 9 is the most recent fast movie and the only one I’ve ever seen in theaters. I had high expectations going into this movie (seeing as they had 2+ years to come up with it), and like most expectations end up, I was disappointed. I was so happy to see the gang back together, but I didn’t like the plot of the story. Dom has this secret brother no one knew about, and the brother is trying to take down Dom. I also didn’t like the fact that John Cena played the little brother; he just didn’t fit the role. In fast 9, Mia comes back and plays a big part, and they revive Han, so those were good, except reviving Han was heavily unrealistic. Then, they do this whole scene where Tej and Roman go into outer space, and it was just so unrealistic it was genuinely cringeworthy. The actors and directors said they added that outer space aspect to give it that extra theatrical aspect but most of the viewers just found it bad.

#9 Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
The third addition to the series was Tokyo Drift. Honestly, I have been meaning to re-watch this movie, but I can never bring myself to do it. This movie had none of the original characters, but it did introduce another key character, Han, who will show up in later movies. Tokyo Drift was about the car-racing scene in Japan and how an American boy fit into that whole scene. Aside from car racing, this movie had nothing to do with the usual plot the Fast and Furious movies follow.