A new way to have your breakfast


Luka Vaicekauskas

Oatmeal is seen as a boring and tasteless breakfast choice, but @noregretfood changes the game. Baked, stovetop, overnight, oat chia pudding, and oat cake are just some of the breakfast ideas the blog shares. And in this article, recipes are included for you to try it yourself.

On Sept. 6, 2019, I uploaded my first ever post to my food dedicated Instagram. It was a recipe for a “Vegan Lazy Cake,” a modified guide to a traditional and unbelievably simple dessert that my Lithuanian culture adores. However, after posting 10 more posts, I became uninterested, and decided to give the blog a break.

Along the year, after my feeble orthorexia was treated, I decided to give my blog a try once again. Mostly, to restore my relationship with food, and to inspire others to try my variations, or just see that breakfast can be quick, nutritious, and good.

However, I did not expect to find such calmness in posting, creating recipes, and meeting new people from all around the world that have similar intentions. Creators from Korea, Europe, Asia, South America, Canada follow me and share their stories and recipes with no shame or shyness, as the community is friendly and supportive, as we all have similar goals.

The social media platform, “Tik Tok,” truly influenced the “breakfast community,” as not only videos of healthy breakfast skyrocketed in popularity, but too promoted healthy relationships with food for users all around the world. In addition, “Tik Tok” introduced a new form of breakfast and a new way to eat your daily bowl of oats- baked oats.

Baked oats are essentially a breakfast cake with endless flavor combinations, toppings, and fillings. They can be made according to specific dietary requests; vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, or protein packed, and that is exactly what @noregretfood intends! Sharing easy recipes, mostly breakfast ones, multiple times per week, this blog managed by me hopes to give a boring oatmeal bowl a twist.

Some of the most popular oat bowls are: baked oats, stovetop oats, chilled oat cakes, overnight oats, and chia oat puddings, whom all you can find at @noregretfood on Instagram.

Check out this photo gallery for some famous baked oats recipes!