Halloween treats ideas


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A little sprinkle of inspiration to get inspired to make some of the most delicious Halloween baked treats! This years Halloween falls on a Sunday.

It is Spooky Season, which means its time for the food dye, cookie cutters, and creative minds to come on out of hiding. I will be ranking the sweetest and most artistic treats that will make everyone, including the zombies, want to come to your Halloween party!   

  1. Witch Hat Cookie Cupcake Cones: To impress the guests, show up with some of these in hand. They are tasteful, delicious, and a creative way to doctor up ordinary cookies or cupcakes. The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/witch-hat-cones/WLPROJ-8680.html   
  1. Cake Pop Toes: These look so real; people might be afraid even to eat them! While they are a little too realistic looking, they make for a good scare and delicious treat! The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/toe-cake-pops/WLPROJ-9010.html   
  1. Monster Marshmallow Pops: These pops are the ideal choice if you are going for a cuter approach. Not only do the marshmallows add that extra sweetness, but the pretty little monster faces add to the extra adorableness. Be sure to have some food-color spray ready! The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/meanie-marshmallows-on-the-march/WLPROJ-8339.html
  1. Graveyard Brownie Cake: If you want to serve a bigger group, it might be wiser to make an entire cake for everyone to get a slice. This graveyard brownie cake can be made using any flavor, preferably chocolate, to fit the theme. For the graves up top, use cookies. The graves will look so real people won’t know if it is a trick or a treat! The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/graveyard-brownie-cake/WLPROJ-9568.html   
  1. Frankenstein Rice Krispy Treats: These sticky marshmallow-infused treats will melt in your mouth. The only problem is the Frankenstein faces are so adorable; you might feel guilty chowing down on them! The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/frankenstein-cereal-treats/WLPROJ-9005.html   
  1. Mini Pumpkin doughnuts: They are miniature, plump, orange, and sweet. These fun little guys make great stackers on platters for decorating the center table as well! The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/jack-o-lantern-mini-donuts/WLPROJ-7759.html   
  1. Candy Corn Cookies: Of course, it is not Halloween without Candy Corn! To incorporate a more creative approach, instead of just buying a regular old bag of candy corn. Spice it up by making some sugar cookies and decorating them as Candy Corns. The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/candy-corn-cookies/WLPROJ-9566.html
  1. Witch’s Brew: For the kids and the adults, this flavorful drink can be made alcohol-free, and it’s ghoulish looking thanks to the green food coloring! Add some eyeball candy and make it look like olive sticks. The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/witchs-brew-mocktail-/WLRECIP-699.html   
  1. Brain cupcakes: To add to the gross list, these are perfect. Pick the proper icing and piping tip and apply it on top of the flavor of your choice, and voilà! You have yourself the brain cupcake. The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/brain-cupcakes/WLPROJ-8182.html
  1. Evil Eyes Cake: If you want a cake that stares back at you while you eat it, then this is the one for you! While it is not as scary as the others ranked above, the cake is a great staple piece to have that will feed many people. The recipe can be found here: https://www.wilton.com/faultline-halloween-cake/WLPROJ-9468.html   

Show up with one of these or present them on your table, and it will guarantee your Halloween party will be a hit!