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Candy is given out kids across the United States every Halloween. There are many different types of candy to receive, but some are more popular than others.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Since it is now October it is only right to talk about Halloween candy. Everyone has their favorites, but some are more popular choices than others. There are hundreds of candy brands to pick out of. They range from chocolate bars to fruity gummies, with everything in between. However, during the Halloween season, certain pieces are more common to receive.   


#1- M&M’s 

This is a classic candy that has been enjoyed by people all around the world since the 1940s. M&M’s come in 6 colors: red, green, orange, blue, yellow, and brown. M&M’s are delicious candies that are made of chocolate. But now they sell Peanut, Pretzel, Brownie, Caramel, Crispy, and many more flavors that are still coming out!  


#2- Skittles 

Skittles are another candy that comes in many different flavors, but on Halloween, the original is the most popular to receive. The flavors they come in are Original, Wild Berry, Sour, Smoothie, Sweet Heat, and so much more. No matter what flavor someone gets, Skittles are known for their fruity taste that has been kids’ favorites for years.  



A Snickers bar is one of the most popular candy bars in the world. It is filled with caramel, peanuts, nougat, and covered in milk chocolate. Snickers have released some new and exciting flavors, but during the Halloween season, the original is the most common.  


#4- Candy Corn 

During October (and maybe November) is the only appropriate time to eat candy corn. There is a big debate over whether candy corn has a delicious flavor or a bad taste. Even if someone does not like the taste of candy corn, it still has an appearance that is perfect for the fall season.  


#5- Starburst 

Starbursts are a very chewy candy with a strong fruity flavor that will put a person’s sweet tooth to an end. This candy comes usually comes in a pack with two square Starbursts in it. The Starburst company has mostly stuck to the four original flavors: cherry, orange, lemon, and strawberry. However, they recently made Starburst duos (combining two flavors), Tropica (only tropical flavors), and FaveReds (strawberry, watermelon, cherry, and fruit punch). 


#6- Reese’s Cups 

Another classic candy especially around the Halloween season is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Reese’s have mostly stayed true to their original recipe, but not the shape of it. During Halloween there is the pumpkin shape, Easter is in the shape of eggs, Christmas comes in the shape of a Christmas tree, etc. A Reese’s cup has the taste of chocolate and peanut butter all in one, which makes it even more delicious.  


#7- Tootsie Pop 

A Tootsie Pop is not like a normal lollipop. This candy has the flavors of grape, raspberry, orange, and cherry. But what makes it stand out from other lollipops is how Tootsie Pops are filled with a chocolate Tootsie Roll in the center. Plus, there is a puzzling dispute that has been around since the 1970s about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. 


One of the best things about Halloween is the endless number of sugary sweets that are involved with the season. Kids everywhere are filled to the brim with candy, but that is what makes Halloween so fun! 

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