Teacher of the week: Joshua Marr


Samantha Macuare

Sitting at his desk, English teacher Joshua Marr poses for photo. Marr has been working at Plant since 2000 teaching a variety of English courses.

Samantha Macuare, Editor In Chief

Joshua Marr started teaching in 1998. Education was a common career in his family, and he always knew it was something he wanted to pursue.

“I started teaching in 1998, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, my dad was a teacher, my granddad was teacher everybody was a teacher in my family, so it was one of those things I was brought up around,” Marr said. “But I did try other things: I was in flight school for a while to be a pilot, but I was always tutoring and doing those types of things in my free time, so it was just easier to be a teacher.”

In 2000 Marr moved to Tampa and started working at Plant High school. Since then, he has taught English 2, English 4, and AP Literature.

“I was teaching in Macks Creek, Missouri. I was the only teacher in the school, and I was also coaching four sports; I was getting burned out,” Marr said. “The principal told me I needed to take a break, and I had a buddy in Tampa, so I came here. I came down and was like, “oh, this is amazing,” so I decided to apply, and I was actually going to be the head soccer coach at Robinson and the International Space Station supervisor, and I was going to take it. But then I walked in, and my last interview was with the principal of Plant and I got hired.”

It is now 2021, and Marr has been at Plant ever since and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Recently, his wife also got a job at Plant, and so they now work together.

“I love the culture at Plant and the traditions,” Marr said. “My favorite thing about teaching is I love the relationships you build with kids.”

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