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The Dune movie came out on Oct. 22nd it is an awesome science fiction adventure story.

The much-anticipated movie Dune came out on HBO Max and in theaters on Oct. 22.    

Overall, it’s a good movie for anyone who enjoys science fiction or dystopian fiction. Set on the planet Arrakis, characters are against each other to control the galaxies’ most prized possessions.   

While it is a little hard to follow at first, it eventually did clear up and I was able to see the beauty of the plot and characters. I did go into the movie a little blind and I wasn’t sure what it was really about. I had only watched the trailer and from that I thought it was a Star Wars type movie; and I can confidently say that anyone who enjoys the complexity of the Star Wars saga would enjoy this movie.

I love how deep the movie goes into character development. The movie is centered around a young king named Paul, who actor Timothée Chalamet plays. You really get to know what he is thinking and how see how his choices change as the movie progresses.

This is the first part of a series that is confirmed to have at least two parts. The movie has been adapted from the science-fiction book written in 1965 by Frank Herbert. The original adaptation was made in 1984; however, it was not well received and it was followed by a miniseries around 2000.    

The visual aspects of the movie are impressive with beautiful landscapes and views. The film is visually rich and the performances are solid. 

With a running time of almost two hours, I was left with an uneasy feeling. So much happens in the film but it is all presented as the set up of a story that is to come. I am left to wonder if the writer intended this as an introduction to the action of the story or if this is just his style and we will always be left wanting more. Dune ends very abruptly, leaving you with so many unanswered questions. We will have to wait, as the next part of the series is set to come out sometime in 2023.   

Even though I wanted my questions answered, I still left the theater satisfied. There is still a good plot to follow and a lot of turns that leave you wanting more.   

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