Crumbl Cookies; expanding throughout Florida


Luka Vaicekauskas

A bakery that started in Utah in 2017, has reached their location number to 264 open, with 13 of them in Florida, with this number increasing. Weekly, Crumbl Cookies present 4 new flavors for the customers to try.

Luka Vaicekauskas, Features Editor

Cookies come in many forms. In fact, each culture has its own form of buttery biscuits. England has tea cookies, France has macaroons, but the U.S. has Crumbl.   

Crumbl was co-founded by Jason McGowan & Sawyer Hemsley, two cousins. Together, they opened Crumbl’s first store in Logan, Utah, in 2017. From there, it expanded all around the U.S., with 264 bakeries open. 13 of them are in Florida, but this number is slowly and steadily increasing.   

At first, Crumbl only served fresh milk chocolate chip cookies for takeout and delivery, but soon after, a weekly rotating menu was introduced.  

Crumbl’s milk chocolate chip cookie has always been on the menu, with their chilled pink sugar cookie becoming a semi-permanent menu item soon after. Additionally, Crumbl introduced its concept of a rotating menu. Meaning, each Monday, customers can begin ordering the new weekly flavors, either in-store, for delivery, shipping, or catering. Such technique keeps the customers interested, and excited to learn what Crumbl has to offer for those next six days, as it is closed on Sundays.   

This brand focuses on developing cookies inspired by nostalgic flavors, foods, and desserts of all kinds – pies, cakes, candies, snacks, and more. Such invites customers to participate in the “Taste Weekly at Crumbl,” and keeps their audience engaged.   

Crumbl uses many marketing techniques to grow their platforms- unique flavors weekly, satisfying videos of the cookie preparation, and their signature pink-colored cookie box, making it recognizable and “Instagrammable” for customers around the U.S.   

However, many regular customers at Crumbl don’t order their cookies because of the flavor, but because of the social aspect, it delivers. When a group is deciding to test Crumbl cookies, they discuss the flavors, evaluate the presentation, and share the divided cookies, all of which mark Crumbl’s intention to bring people together around their frosted pastries.   

As there is no open Crumbl Cookies bakery in Tampa, many choose to either get them delivered (for an upcharge of ~$10) or drive up to their Brandon location, closest to Tampa.  

Check the map below on all of the places around Florida where you can get your box of Crumbl’s weekly flavors!