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The third season of ‘You’ has been released, and it has taken the internet by storm. Since its release, the show has been in the top 10, and it has been trending for a month. It is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. 

Maris Brown, Staffer


On October 15th, the third season of Netflix’s hit show ‘You’ was released. Since then, it has remained on the top ten trending list next to ‘Squid Game.’ Fans have been waiting for the third season since the second season came out on December 26th, 2019. Fans were left with Joe moving with a pregnant Love, and the two were seemingly trying to start a ‘normal’ life. I was one of the fans wondering how season three would pan out, and the urge to watch was strong enough as I finished the season within a week.   

Season 3 is nothing normal for the couple. The season opens with Joe and Love adjusting to their new life in Madre Linda, filled with people who seem oblivious to the real world. As much as the two seem to want to live normal lives, it doesn’t take long for the pair to fall back into their old ways. Despite having a new baby, Joe’s obsession leads him to their next-door neighbor Natalie. Natalie seemed like one of the only ordinary people in Madre Linda, considering Joe and Love are killers. Joe and Natalie don’t get very far before Love discovers what Joe has been up to, and she takes matters into her own hands and ensures that Natalie won’t get in the way of their relationship permanently.   

When Joe finds out what Love had done, the two work together to dispose of Natalie’s body and get rid of the evidence that would link Natalie’s death to the two of them. Throughout the process, we hear Joe’s thoughts of the situation, and it is apparent to the viewer how much Love’s actions disgusted him as if his kill count isn’t more than double hers. Throughout the season, Joe expresses how horrified he is that Love is “good at this” when he is the one that typically takes control after every kill and has exponentially more kills than her. It’s so frustrating that Joe can’t handle someone who matches his energy.   

The problem with Joe is he constantly puts the women he’s into on a pedestal, and when he realizes they, like everyone else, have flaws, he kills them. Or they discover he’s psychotic, and he must exterminate them before they can get him arrested.   

After Natalie is out of the picture, it doesn’t take long for Joe to find his new obsession. The new woman is named Marienne, and he works with her at the library. Although this time, Love has new prospects too. Natalie’s stepson, Theo, lives next door. Theo had a thing for Love as soon as he met her, but she was loyal to Joe until the tension got to be too much. Despite the fact they’re both cheaters, Love made more of an effort to stay loyal to Joe while he was making plans to escape her.   

The season progressed, and Joe and Love’s kill count nearly rose when Love took it upon herself to kidnap Gil, a man in their friend group whose kids gave their son Henry Measles. This whole episode was so odd it felt like the writers wanted to throw in an episode that showed their support for getting vaccinated during the time of the pandemic. It felt a bit weird, but it fits in nicely when Gil ended up taking his own life, so Joe and Love framed him for Natalie’s murder.  

However, Matthew, Natalie’s husband, isn’t so sure about the case’s conclusion and continues to try and figure out who the murderer could be. When Theo explains this to Love, she and Joe decide to use Theo’s attraction to Love to manipulate Theo into telling Love the information Matthew has on them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Joe’s favor. Although Love was the one who killed Natalie, Theo finds footage of Joe entering Natalie’s car and dressing as her before driving off, which is a solid giveaway to Theo that Joe is guilty.  

During this time, Joe and Love’s couple friends, Cary and Sherry, are currently the ones locked in the infamous box that Joe has had since season 1. The two overheard Love’s confession to killing Natalie and, after a thrilling fight, got locked in the box.   

Theo had always thought that Joe was bad news for Love and constantly urged her to leave him and run away with him, but Love never did. Instead, she stayed loyal to Joe, especially when Theo discovered Cary and Sherry in the box, and she knocked him out, trying to kill him before he could potentially expose them.   

Throughout the season, I loved Theo. He was so cute and had a great personality. I wish Love actually ran away with him and left Joe for good, but unfortunately, that never happened. Once Joe had the role of disposing of Theo, he found out the boy was still alive. He went out of character and ended up taking him to the hospital rather than finishing the job.  

The season comes to an exciting final episode when Love tries to kill Marienne, but when Marienne’s daughter comes into the house, she is saved, and Love realizes the real enemy is Joe, who Love had just paralyzed. Love had been preparing for something like this but turned Joe was too. He turned the tables on her and killed her. It didn’t take long for him to have her take the blame for everything and fake his death. The episode ends with Joe in Paris, following Marienne and her daughter. As for their son Henry, Joe dropped him off with his coworker, and the baby will live a life that’s much better than it would be if his parents stayed alive and together.  

Overall, I think the season was fantastic, and although I hope it gets renewed for another season, I also think this would be a good stopping point. We don’t want the writers to drag out the show and ruin it, so if it ended, now I think it’ll be an excellent place to leave the audience wondering what happens next. If you haven’t watched it, I would highly recommend it.  

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