Rating Thanksgiving foods


Maris Brown

Thanksgiving is finally over and it’s time to rank iconic Thanksgiving foods many of us have just eaten.

Maris Brown, Staffer

#1 Dinner rolls  

Starting at the top of the list are dinner rolls, with butter, of course. There’s a reason people often say something is their ‘bread and butter.’ Unless someone makes them by scratch and messes them up, you can’t go wrong with these. Bread and butter are underappreciated, and even though it’s so basic, they’re always so good. Even if the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner is horrid, the dinner rolls can save the day.   

#2 Mac n Cheese  

Mac n Cheese is a close second, ultimately losing first place because it’s the less safe choice. It is so much easier to screw up mac n cheese or have a relative make their ‘world-famous mac’ which would likely be world-famous for how awful it is. Nonetheless, if you had good mac n cheese, it makes the Thanksgiving dinner. Mac n cheese can also be made in so many different ways, and most of these ways only add to the deliciousness of the food.  

#3 Mashed Potatoes  

Another close one. Mashed potatoes are very iconic and a pretty safe choice for relatives pitching in and making side dishes. The only reason it lost to Mac n cheese is because mashed potatoes are a little bit boring. With Mac n cheese, it is a little more special than literally just mashing up potatoes and throwing butter in and combining the two. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to modify the dish to improve its flavor.    

#4 Gravy  

You can’t have mashed potatoes without gravy. Gravy nearly passed mashed potatoes because it adds so much to the dinner. Without it, things wouldn’t be the same. It’s the cherry on top. Gravy can go with any of the dishes if you want it to. Although it famously goes with mashed potatoes, it could easily go with turkey and anything else your heart desires. The only reason it isn’t higher on the list is because it’s tough to get a great gravy recipe, but once you have a good one, your Thanksgiving dinner should be perfect.  

#5 Turkey  

It might be a mistake ranking the essential dish so low, but every time I have not been highly impressed with the turkey. It takes very long to cook, but it’s great because the leftovers make the best turkey sandwiches the days following Thanksgiving. I think I’m just not a fan of turkey, but I would have ranked this dish lower if it isn’t the star of the dinner.    

#6 Ham  

I used to hate ham with a passion when I was younger, but a couple of thanksgivings ago, I gave it a shot and instantly regretted being so close-minded. It’s so good, slightly sweet and salty. I think it could easily replace turkey and be the main dish of Thanksgiving dinner. The only reason it wasn’t ranked higher is because this list was so hard to make, and I had to keep in mind turkey is the infamous thanksgiving food.  

#7 Pumpkin Pie  

Pumpkin pie is very well-liked, but I, for one, am not a fan of it. I understand people think it is super good and the best part of Thanksgiving, but I just do not like pie. I wish I did so I could understand how people think it’s so good, but I just can’t like it. However, out of all traditional pies, I will say that pumpkin is by far the best and so much better than apple pie.   

#8 Stuffing  

I have never liked stuffing. Maybe it’s because my dad always goes try hard and makes it kind of gross, but even when he changed the recipe to make it more likable, I still disliked it. I can’t understand why people love stuffing when it is the strangest food on the table when Thanksgiving comes around. If my family were to stop making stuffing for Thanksgiving, I would not miss it.   

#9 Cranberries   

Coming in last place is cranberries. To be fair, I don’t think I have ever tried cranberries on Thanksgiving or if it was even available to try. If it was prepared, though, I don’t think I would try it. If I were to be completely honest, it sounds pretty gross, and I have no idea how you’re supposed to eat the cranberries or what food, if any, it’s supposed to be paired with.