Is it too early for Christmas Activities?


Megan O'Flanagan

Many believe November is too early to start celebrating Christmas, and many disagree. Every year everyone debates over when to start getting into the holiday spirit.

Megan O'Flanagan, Staffer

It’s officially mid-November, meaning the yearly debate begins again. It’s the time of year when half the population starts celebrating Christmas, and the other half gets annoyed. Is it too early to begin lighting holiday candles, baking cookies, and decorating?   

Seeing that it’s not even Thanksgiving break yet, it is understandable that some people might not want to move on to the next holiday. But, we can celebrate the Christmas season while not forgetting about Thanksgiving. Who says you can’t listen to “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey while eating turkey and saying what you’re grateful for?

Both Holidays are supposed to be all about family, joy and giving, so I think there’s nothing wrong with being more excited about one compared to the other. Since Christmastime brings many people happiness, there’s no reason not to celebrate a little early. It’s not like any harm is caused either. Worst case scenario, your house smells like a Christmas candle, and you’re sick of Michael Bublé.

Some feel more strongly about the topic and don’t care about Thanksgiving at all. “Thanksgiving doesn’t deserve as much attention because it’s not as big of a holiday and less of a production, but Christmas is an entire season and a bigger holiday,” sophomore Elise Weber said.

Especially since the weather has been much cooler recently, it’s really starting to feel like winter. It’s so easy to put my holiday playlist on in my AirPods while I’m walking to school in the 50-degree weather. A lot of houses already have Christmas lights up too, adding to the spirit. “Since it’s been cold outside, I’ve been really happy since it feels like Christmastime,” sophomore Anabella Rodriguez said.

If you’re one of those people that refuses to acknowledge Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed, you’re allowed that opinion; just don’t ruin it for the rest of us. While you’re busy watching the Macy’s Day parade, I’ll be drinking hot chocolate and listening to Feliz Navidad.