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Emily Mangione

Christmas is almost here, meaning it is time for a holiday movie marathon. Below are some of the most watched Christmas movies for you to enjoy.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Since the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, it is only appropriate to start binging your favorite Christmas movies. Watching holiday movies creates so much joy, Christmas spirit, and can bring people together. Below readers will find a list of the must-watch movies of the season! 


#1- “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (1989) 


Clark Griswold tries his best to host a perfect Christmas with both sides of the family, but when he tries to buy presents, decorate the house, and put up a tree everything turns into chaos. This movie is a classic holiday favorite for those who love a good laugh and Christmas spirit.  


#2- “Elf” (2003) 


Buddy the Elf is human but was raised in the North Pole. He travels to New York City in hopes of finding his biological father because he has a feeling that he does not fit in with the other elves. While in New York, Buddy discovers everything for the first time, falls in love, and finds his new permanent home with his father and his father’s family. 


#3- “Home Alone” (1990) 


Troublemaker Kevin McCallister is left home alone when his family accidentally leaves him behind on their Christmas vacation to Paris. Things get even worse when the eight-year-old is left to defend his house from two criminals trying to rob the family home. Ever since this movie came out parents remember to take a head count before leaving for a trip! 


#4- “The Santa Clause” (1994) 


Scott Calvin accidentally kills the real Santa, and he is transported to the North Pole and informed that he will have to take the role of the new Santa Clause. Of course, he has a hard time believing this to be true, but when he starts to grow a white beard and gain weight, Scott realizes he has some big shoes to fill.  



#5- “A Christmas Story” (1983) 


“A Christmas Story” follows the life of Ralphie while he spends his Christmas season hoping to receive a Red Ryder BB Gun, escaping from school bullies, and experiencing life in the 1940s as a nine-year-old. This is arguably one of the most classic Christmas movies of the season. 


#6- “How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)” 


The unpleasant and cranky green creature, the Grinch, tries to steal Christmas from the neighboring town, Whoville, where he feels like he does not fit in. In the end, Mr. Grinch realizes that Christmas is not all about presents, but about being around people who care about you. 


#7- “Deck the Halls (2006)” 


Steve and Danny go into a neighborhood war over who can put up the most decorations on their house. It does not take long until their feud gets out of hand and Christmas spirit is being fought over in their suburban town. 


#8- “Four Christmases (2008)” 


Couple Brad and Kate spend Christmas Day rotating between different family functions when their vacation plans fall apart. “Four Christmases” is a popular romantic comedy, especially during the Christmas season. 


#9- “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)” 


Sequel to the original Home Alone, Kevin McCallister gets on the wrong airplane and winds up in New York City while the rest of his family is in Florida. However, when he finds out that the Sticky Bandits (the same criminals from the first movie) have made another plan to rob a toy store, Kevin takes it upon himself to stop them once again.


#10 — “The Polar Express (2004)” 


“The Polar Express” is a heartwarming movie that follows the tale of a young boy traveling on a magical train ride to the North Pole. On the journey there, he discovers how important it is to never lose faith in what you believe in.



Now is the perfect time to curl up on the couch and be filled with the holiday spirit just in time for Christmas. These nostalgic movies are sure to get you in the mood for the holidays. 

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