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After two years, HBO released the second season of the Emmy nominated series “Euphoria.” The episode was released on Jan. 9 and was focused on Fezco.

Let’s start with WOW, what an episode. I did not know so much stuff could happen in an hour and 13 minutes. We finally got the Fez episode we have all been waiting for, and it did not disappoint. Learning Fez’s background just makes the audience love him even more. We see how Ashtray came along and how he started dealing. Then we switch scenes to the NYE party. Cassie and Nate were a pairing I never saw coming, and I hope it stays in that bathroom. Not only is Cassie hurting her best friend, but on top of that, she is getting with a psychopath that will ruin her life. We see Maddy looking beautiful in her usual attire, and the audience is assured that Kat is still with Ethan and that they have shared “I love you’s.”

The real shocker in the episode was Fez and Lexi.

The real shocker in the episode was Fez and Lexi. I never ever expected that, but I love it. The smart girl with the soft drug dealer combination sounds like it’ll make for good TV. Lastly, Fez gives the audience what they want, and he beats up Nate Jacobs. Nate has had that coming for a long time, and most watchers were happy with that ending.   

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