Emily in Paris season 2: which character are you? 


Luka Vaicekauskas

On Dec. 22, 2021 season 2 of Emily in Paris was released on Netflix worldwide. A romantic, fast-paced and comforting TV show taking the viewers into the world of Emily Cooper, a marketing agent from Chicago, currently living in Paris. Full of fashion, Parisian sites, and new characters, this TV show is a must-see. Also, take quiz and find out which Emily in Paris Season 2 character are you!

Luka Vaicekauskas, Features Editor

Bonjour! On Dec. 22, 2021 season 2 of Emily in Paris was released on Netflix worldwide. A romantic, fast-paced and comforting TV show taking the viewers into the world of Emily Cooper, a marketing agent from Chicago, currently living in Paris.  

In the second season of this show there are character evolution, new relationships, and plot twists to keep the audience intact. With Emily (Lily Collins) receiving a shocking opportunity, Mindy (Ashley Park) following her heart, turmoil and love drama among friends and co-workers, and new faces introduced that evolve the 10 episodes, this is a series to watch over and over again. In this latest season, there is even more eccentric outfit choices, obstacles at Emily’s luxurious job, and breathtaking filming sites. 

The TV-series was filmed in various well-known locations around Paris (excluding the obvious Eiffel Tower and the Louvre). Such is a key factor of its measured success, as the audience is head over wheels to see the beautiful architecture, historical monuments, restaurants, and more through the eyes of Emily- a North American who is enthusiastic about this new chapter in her life. Some locations the season was filmed include the Palace of Versailles, Marché d’Aligre, Bateau “Le Paris,” Pont Neuf, St. Tropez, and even views of South France.  

The last moment of the season ends with Emily making a call to Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) with her decision that could change her life — the audience just doesn’t hear what it is — leaving suspense and eustress to the viewers. 

Season 2 is much more emotional and chaotic than season 1, which can out do the first season of the show, the one that scored a leader board in being one of the most popular comedy series on the streaming giant in 2020, reaching 58 million viewers in its first 28 days of release. However, while Emily in Paris is a hit with American audiences, actual Parisians are a bit salty about the series and its depiction of their beloved city. Oh well, c’est la villa. 

Nevertheless, as mentioned, various new characters were introduced, so take a quiz to see which Emily in Paris Season 2 Character matches you the best! 


But Emily in Paris wouldn’t be this comforting and adored TV show without its well-picked music, some of it by Ashley Park, playing Mindy itself! You can find the playlist bellow! 

And while waiting for season 3 and 4, au revoir!