Catch up with: Euphoria


Wikimedia Commons

This weeks episode was based on Cassie and Nate’s relationship. Next week’s episode will focus on Cal’s backstory.

Coming off a great first episode, this second one had high expectations, and it did not disappoint. I could be wrong, but I sensed some Midsommer and Game of Thrones references throughout the episode, which I thought was cool. Nate and Cassie got way too much screen time. No one wants to see Nate, the psychopath, with Cassie, the bad friend. We see a detail in Maddy’s life of her being a babysitter for a rich family, and her later helping the mom take off her dress. This was meant to show us the direction Maddy’s life would go if she were to stay with Nate. She would have all great materialistic things and money, but she wouldn’t have a healthy, loving relationship. We see a lot of Jules and Maddy in this episode too, which I liked. Their friendship is unexpected because of the whole Tyler thing and Maddy having seen the video of her and Cal, but Jules seems to care about Maddy and vice versa. We got one measly scene of Lexi and Fez, but the few seconds we did were adorable, and I cannot wait for their relationship to develop. We also finally see BB again, a fan favorite, who now lives with Fez. Elliot and Rue hang out more, which is negatively affecting Jules. Their friendship is fun, but it will not last and deep down, both know they do not bring out the best in each other. Another thing worth noting is the influencer scene with Kat which I think is so important because all this positivity is thrown at us over social media. It can be overwhelming at times, and may not fit our specific needs as unique individuals.