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Megan O'Flanagan

For those with a Netflix subscription, this is an exciting month. You have the opportunity to branch out and try new genres ranging from romantic comedies to thrillers.

Megan O'Flanagan, Staffer

To start off 2022, Netflix is releasing various movies and shows. New series, movies and additions to old shows allow everyone to have something to watch. Here is a list of new releases this month.  


“Four to Dinner” 

“Four to Dinner” is an Italian movie focused on the topic of soul mates. It centers around four friends’ confusion over love and relationships, featuring two different realities. This story is a lighthearted romantic comedy-drama.  

“Hype House” 

Season 1 of “Hype House” is a reality series following the lives of eight creators on TikTok. Starring Nikita Dragon, Sienna Mae Gomez, Chase Hudson, Kouvr Annon, Larri Merritt, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren and Jack Wright, the show addresses their overnight fame and recent controversies.  

“Cheer” Season 2  

“Cheer” is an Emmy-winning series documenting a college team’s efforts to win a championship. The second season is nine episodes following the Corsicana, Texas team preparing and competing for the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Collegiate National Championship. This season shows the members’ struggles inside and outside of cheerleading.  

“The God Committee” 

Starring Kelsey Grammer, Julia Stiles, Colman Domingo, Janeane Garofalo and Dan Hedaya, “The God Committee” is a thrilling drama. In this movie, five doctors must decide which of three patients gets one donor heart that unexpectedly arrives at the hospital. Debating money and ethics, the committee has one hour to decide.  

“Archive 81” 

“Archive 81” is a new supernatural thriller, shifting between the main characters’ present and past. The story focuses on Dan Turner who takes a job involving old videotapes and accidentally discovers a cult. This show is directed by Rebecca Thomas, who also directed “Stranger Things” and “Limetown,” as she takes her style of gloom and dread to “Archive 81.”  

“After We Fell” 

The third movie in the “After” series came to Netflix on Jan. 17. Based on the fiction novel “After,” these films are romantic dramas with very mixed reviews. Centered around Tessa and Hardin’s relationship problems, “After” is the movie people either obsessively love or absolutely hate.  

“Too Hot to Handle” Season 3  

Season 3 of the reality show “Too Hot to Handle” is coming back with a new cast, starring Beaux, a legal secretary, Georgia, a student midwife, Harry, a tree surgeon, Holly, a student and model, Izzy, a physical therapist, Jaz, an entrepreneur and model, Nathan, a model and Patrick, a model and actor, Stevan, a model, and Truth, a student. The prize this season is $200,000 if the contestants can follow the rules for their whole stay at a villa in Turks and Caicos.  

“Ozark” Season 4  

“Ozark” is a popular series following Martin Byrde, a man desperately trying to clear his debt. All the main stars: Felix Solis, Julia Garner, Charlie Tahan, Laura Linney and Jessica Frances Dukes, are returning this season, along with some new members like Bruce Davidson, Alfonso Herrara, and Katrina Lenk. This will be the last part of this crime-filled drama.  

“Home Team” 

“Home Team” is a new comedy based on a true story. The plot follows a Super Bowl-winning coach attempting to coach his son’s sixth grade football team. It illustrates his struggles reconnecting with his son and brings a humorous touch to Sean Payton’s story.  

“In From the Cold” 

The new series “In From the Cold” mixes action, crime, and drama. A single mom is revealed to be a previous Russian spy and must balance her family and no longer secret life. This thriller features Ivana Sakhno, Cillian O’Sullivan, Lydia Fleming, Charles Brice, And Alyona Khmelnitskaya.   

“Can You Keep a Secret” 

“Can You Keep a Secret” describes the story of a woman who spills all her secrets to a stranger on a plane, thinking the plane is going to crash and they will both die. When the flight surprisingly lands, and everyone is safe, she realizes the man she shared her darkest secrets with is her new boss at work. The plot follows their friendship and later romance but also their struggles and vulnerabilities. 

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