Honor Culpepper: from Plant to NYU


Luka Vaicekauskas

A former Plant High School student, Honor Culpepper is a current MCC program, Media Culture and Communications, student. It is part of the Steinhardt school of culture and human development. Additionally, she is minoring in Broadcast and Multi-media journalism. She was in the basketball team at Plant, and is currently sharing her talents with the NYU Women’s Basketball team.

From Tampa to New York in a matter of months, a former Plant High School student, Honor Culpepper, shares about her experience in one of the most competitive schools in the state-NYU. She is a current MCC program, Media Culture and Communications, student. It is part of the Steinhardt school of culture and human development. Additionally, she is minoring in Broadcast and Multimedia journalism. 

“I love writing so I thought MCC was the right fit, I also think I want a career path in broadcast journalism or in law, so I thought MCC w a journalism minor would be best,” Culpepper said. 

However, she is not attending NYU to write articles, but to take up the sport of basketball, which makes her experience slightly different.

“I was recruited here and took my official visit Jan. of my senior year and I committed in February. I loved the team and the coaches but I was most excited about the city. It’s a really unique experience to be put in NYC at 18 years old and I was really inclined by that. I love the fast pace and I love being at the center of everything so I knew I should commit here,” Culpepper said.

NYU Basketball, in its relatively short history in NCAA Division III, has won two national team championships, as well as many league championships. The basketball program has enjoyed a good deal of success since being reinstated on the Division III level in 1983. 

I’ve always loved playing basketball so playing in college has always been my dream. And a high academic school like NYU is best case scenario for me,” Culpepper said. “And yes, it is definitely difficult to balance b-ball and school, but NYU has tons of resources to help student athletes.” 

Consequently, Honor began her journey at Plant High School, where she was a member of the basketball team.

“I was in maybe 4 or 5 clubs but my main focus way basketball. I don’t think applicants need like a ton of clubs, as long as you’re passionate about one or two things, and have kept with it, that looks good on the applications,” Culpepper said. 

Differently, than for many future Violets, the application process for Culpepper was straightforward.

“The application process for me was relatively easy, just two essays and then test scores and all of that. On mine there was a section where I had to write why I wanted to attend NYU and I think that is probably the one that the school focuses on most,” Culpepper said. 

While COVID-19 did have an impact on students all around the world, New York was hit no lesser. Such too reflects through Culpepper’s overall college experience. 

“My experience has obviously been a little different from most, because of basketball and COVID, but I’ve been in the city two years now and I love it, and I love my teammates and I’m super happy to have chosen NYU,” Culpepper said.

To end, Culpepper would advice a future applicant to find what they are truly passionate about, and work on perfecting themselves.

“I would say just focus on your essays and make sure you represent yourself well,” Culpepper said.