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Episode 3 started off with Cal’s backstory, although it was interesting I don’t think it answered all of the fans’ questions. The preview for next week’s episode shows Maddy’s birthday party and someone’s funeral.

Episode 3 left me with a lot of thoughts. They start the episode with Cal’s back story, he has a best friend, Derek, and they secretly have feelings for each other. The scenes were cute, and the guys were attractive, but it did not show us why Cal is the way he is, so I hope they continue to show us his back story. Cassie obsesses over her appearance to please Nate, but he barely looks at her. However, they continue their relationship in secret; I’m not sure what to think about them yet. Cassie loves and needs his validation, but I don’t know Nate’s true intentions. Jules and Rue take it a step further in their relationship, but Elliot intervenes, and it seems like he is starting to have things for Jules. The last part of the episode shows Nate giving Maddy flowers which we can only assume he is trying to get back into Maddy’s life to get the disc back.

Senior Sandra Kiggen, an avid fan of Euphoria, thinks, “in episode three, we see the beginning of an identity crisis from Cassie. She is desperate to get Nate’s attention by reinventing herself, but by doing so, she slowly loses her sense of identity. Rue is a lost cause, and until she’s on the brink of death, she won’t get clean. Cal’s back story is interesting, but I don’t think it served any purpose other than gaining the audience’s sympathy. We didn’t gain any knowledge on why he is the way he is sexually, as in why he records his partners.” 

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