Helpful tips for Gasparilla


Emily Mangione

The parade starts at 2 p.m and lasts until 6 p.m. The event is going to be full of catching beads, music, dancing, singing, taking pictures and so much more. Remember to stay safe and have a fun time!

Emily Mangione, Staffer

It is Jan., which means it is time for the annual Gasparilla parade that has been a Tampa tradition for over 100 years. The parade is full of fun with family and friends, but it is just as important to stay safe and be responsible. Along those lines, keep reading for beneficial pointers to make sure you have a successful day. 


#1- Stay with your group 

It is very important not to wander off by yourself on Gasparilla because you do not want to get lost or stuck in a crowd. If you plan on separating from your group for a little while, let them know where you are going. Then, if there was an emergency, people would know where you are and could come and help.  


#2- Arrive with a charged phone 

This tip is one of the most crucial ones because if something bad happens, calling someone on your phone is the best way out of it. Charge your phone to 100% before leaving your house so that you have enough battery for pictures, texts, calls, Uber, Google Maps, etc. Without an operating phone, people would not be able to reach you and the situation could turn bad very quickly.  


#3- Bring a jacket 

Before leaving your house to go anywhere you should always check the weather, especially for Gasparilla because it is all outdoors. This Saturday has an expected low of 35 degrees and a high of 51 which means it is going to be very cold for everyone standing outside. Gasparilla is hours long so bring a jacket and stay warm! 


#4- Wear comfortable shoes 

Since Gasparilla is outside, there is a lot of walking involved in the Tampa tradition. Without wearing comfortable shoes, the day has the potential of being dreadful because of blisters. There are many shoe options that are cute and comfortable that can also pull your outfit together. Do not let sore and aching feet ruin your chance of a good time! 


#5- Do not drive 

On the day of the Gasparilla parade, the roads are a very dangerous place to be. The first reason is all the traffic backed up on the roads. Also, there are always people driving who should not be because they have been drinking. And lastly, it is very difficult to find parking anywhere near the parade, so it is just better to get dropped off or even walk if you are close enough.  

“I am going to Gasparilla on Saturday, and I am most looking forward to spending time with my friends,” Junior Madison Wall said. “Some advice I would like to give to anyone going is to stay safe and have fun!” 

This year the weather is a big factor in determining how the day goes. The best thing for you to do is be prepared for any scenario that could happen. Remember to have a fun time and make good decisions! 

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