Is it the right time to take on the Big Apple? 


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One of the many gorgeous views of the city that never sleeps! New York City is home to 8.82 million people.

Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer

Everybody knows the city that doesn’t sleep, and that city is sought after by many Dreamers and go-getters. N.Y.C. has gained the reputation of being one of the most famous cities globally, and its because of the fast-paced life, cultural varieties, and vibrant energies that can be felt alone walking down the streets. Therefore, the question remains: is New York City the right place for young individuals to form their own life?   

As someone who has adored the city, starting from the first time I ever set my eyes upon it, it is a genuine curiosity that needs to be investigated. Not just for someone like me, but for anybody that has visions of living an expressive, vicarious, and diverse life.   

Let’s address the main issue here, safety and security. Finding the right home, neighborhood, and environment is crucial to surviving as a young adult. Neighborhoods like Hell’s Kitchen, East Village, Murray Hill, NoLIta, and Brooklyn offer a lively but safe vibe for people who want to live comfortably. Rent varies and ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. However, the closer you get to the Upper East Side, the higher the prices fly. So, for a young person that is just moving there, the best two options are a safer neighborhood like the ones mentioned above or a college dorm on campus.    

The famous saying is, “its all about who you know.” In a massive city like this, that especially holds. To thrive in New York City, one must be bold and ask for directions, advice and make a reliable friend. Whether it be a server in the diner, you go to every day or the barista at the coffee shop you stop by in the afternoons. It is not cliché to have friends in various places. However, there must be balance maintained. There is no such thing as being too careful, especially in a crowded city that has one of the higher crime rates. An essential tip to survival is knowing who to get close to and who to keep at a distance.    

 Know your city: 

  • Understand the dominant language spoken. 
  • Be aware of safer transportation methods. 
  • Know your surroundings. 
  • Have realistic expectations about food, clothes, and other necessary items.   

Of course, doing your research and mentally preparing yourself ahead of moving is also important. Obtaining an organized game plan and adequately managing money is pivotal.   

Confidence is critical; any time you are taking on something foreign, terrifying, and exciting, you must maintain a confident attitude, and no matter what, never appear intimidated.

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