Catch up with: Euphoria


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The 4th episode revolved around Elliott, Rue and Jule’s relationship. Towards the end of the episode, we see Rue suffering from a possible overdose.

In this episode, I think we finally started to see Rue unravel; she insults Jules, seemingly overdoses and sees her father. I forgot that she began doing drugs when her father died and never really had a proper time to grieve. Rue is also narrating the show, so we see the drugs affecting her narration which is why the episode is choppy. It’s Maddy’s birthday, and she is still struggling between being with Nate and having a “picture-perfect life” or being single and continuing to grow. I think she has some idea Cassie and Nate are a thing, but who knows. I guess Cassie will eventually tell Maddy just because that’s Cassie; she can’t keep in her emotions; she will tell the truth eventually. Cal is a big deal in this episode. He finally reveals his true self to his family and leaves the home with only a family portrait. I think he is tired of living his double life, and enough was enough; if Nate can get away with whatever he does, why can’t Cal. Elliot is weird. I don’t like him. He acts like he cares about Rue and Jules a lot more than he does, I feel like people forget he is on the same drugs Rue is on. But I think he purposely revealed Rue’s secret, which is probably good that it came out, but I don’t think he did it for her good but to win Jules over. Jules is a game to him, another lay. I want to see more Fez and Lexi in the next episode. Hopefully, he comes to her play and brings her flowers. Jules and Nate also have not had a lot of interaction when their relationship could and should be developed a lot more.