2022 spring break locations


Emily Mangione

With spring break coming along from March 12-21, it is not too late to start planning the perfect trip. Remember to follow this article as the best spring break locations are highlighted to help guide you to an ideal destination.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Believe it or not, spring break is right around the corner, and the fun of ditching school and spending a week straight with your friends, is approaching upon students. Not only is spring break time off school, but it is also a time for vacation and mental recharge. Deciding where you, your family, or friends might be traveling to this year plays a big role in how your spring break will turn out. Below is a list of some popular spring break venues that are trending in 2022.  


#1- Bahamas 

Consisting of 16 major islands, the Bahamas are one of the most visited places for spring breakers to travel to. Some of the most known islands are The Grand Bahama Island, Paradise Island, New Providence, and Long Island. On the islands, there is never a dull moment because of diving, snorkeling, water parks, markets, relaxing on gorgeous beaches, and so much more. The nature of the Bahamas is so stunning that people spend most of their days outside exploring the beauty of the islands.  


#2- Boca Grande 

Boca Grande is a beach forgotten by most because of its size. It is known for its amazing tarpon fishing, quaint town feel, sparkly waters, coastal beaches, and local shops in the downtown area. Boca Grande is mostly popular with locals in Florida, but that does not mean it is any less beautiful. Some popular activities to take part in on the island are renting bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, Jet Skis, fishing charters, and golf carts. 


#3- New York City  

The number one tourist spot in the United States is no other than New York City. Whether you like musicals, walks in the park, sightseeing, museums, trying new foods, or shopping, NYC has something for everyone. Especially during the spring break time, New York City has amazing weather that will lure everyone outdoors to explore the city.  


#4- Vail, Colorado  

Vail, Colorado is one of the most popular ski locations in the United States. Besides skiing, there are other activities to take part in. Such as, snowshoeing, resort spas, hiking the mountain trails, riding the scenic gondola, and eating at local pubs and restaurants. The weather in Vial is an essential part of the environment, so be prepared to bring warm clothes when reaching the destination.


#5- The Grand Canyon, Arizona 

 Located in Arizona, The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. People travel from all over the 50 states and even from other countries to see the 6,000-foot hole in the ground that is 18 miles wide. Some fun activities to do in the canyon are to go hiking, take a helicopter trip over it, and go on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon National Park. The view from the top is a breathtaking and unforgettable experience that everyone should come across once in their life.


The choices for Spring Break locations are endless, but remember, the important thing is to take time away to get some rest and focus on stressing less. After the week is over, it is back to the hectic work schedule and fast-paced environment. Therefore, enjoy the week off and spend time in a luxurious place that is sure to leave you feeling recharged.