Best nail salons in Tampa


Giada Moralejo

Here is a review of three of the best nail shops in Tampa. K-Nails, South Tampa Nails, and The Nail Shoppe; read below to find out more.

Getting your nails done can be fun but also stressful if you do not go to the right place. Out of all the nail salons in Tampa, K-Nails, The Nail Shoppe, and South Tampa Nails are three of the best. Here is an honest review of the three, on the quality, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere of each salon    

When treating myself to a manicure, I always consider going to K-Nails. Located on Bay to Bay, the salon is open 7 days a week. They offer all kinds of manicure and pedicure treatments. They offer everything from a classic manicure to a deluxe tropical pedicure. When I go to K-Nails, they are always extremely nice and caring when doing my nails. Some nail techs tend to be rough and rush through the process of manicures and pedicures, but K-Nails takes the process slowly to ensure that every step is completed perfectly. As a germaphobe, I especially love that the salon opens new tools for each customer to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs from client to client. Depending on the occasion, I typically get gel nails or a set of acrylics. The salon offers everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable nail experience.  

There are many nail salons in the Tampa area but in my opinion, The Nail Shoppe is the best priced, fastest, and best quality. Nails can get expensive having to get them done every two to four weeks and having reasonable prices is very important when deciding which nail salon to go to. Getting your nails done is a long expierence when you are getting both a manicure and a pedicure. The Nail Shoppe makes the experience as quick as possible and enjoyable. The quality of the service and products is durable and looks good for an extended time. Having good quality nails that will last for long periods of time is one of the many aspects of the Nail Shoppe that makes it a great choice when deciding where to get your nails done.  

When getting my nails done, South Tampa Nails located on Kenndy Boulevard is my first pick. You walk in and immediately welcomed by someone sitting near the front desk. While the building is small it does not feel claustrophobic. It is very clean, and orderly; as you are in the salon you see people cleaning after each client getting ready for the next. They have many colors to pick from as well as a variety of different services. The service is usually done in a timely manner while still being done correctly. I have been many times to get different things such as gel or acrylic and every time I have come out satisfied. It is reasonably priced for what you are getting; it is a long-lasting and well-done service. I have never experienced my nails lasting less than two weeks after getting them done. Good quality and feeling comfortable is always important when getting your nails done and at South Tampa Nails, they have both. 
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