Emma Chamberlain: her life and career


Emily Mangione

Emma Chamberlain models on posters in PacSun promoting their new collection. Chamberlain is famous for her style, YouTube videos, podcasts, coffee company, and so much more.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Ever since starting her YouTube channel in 2017, social media influencer, Emma Chamberlain, has taken the internet by storm. From making cooking videos in her kitchen to modeling on the front cover of some of the biggest magazines in the nation, this young woman has become an inspiration to many.

2017: Staring as a junior in high school, teenager Chamberlain had the idea of beginning her own YouTube channel because of the ongoing trend of editing and posting fun videos for the world to see. However, her channel did not take off until many videos in when she posted a haul from The Dollar Tree. After that one video, her life was changed forever.

2018: In this year, Chamberlain started to get the feel of coming from a small city in California to moving by herself to Los Angeles. This was a big step for Chamberlain because it was her first time moving away from her hometown and starting her new life as a social media influencer in Hollywood. She attended her first Coachella music festival, became best friends with social media stars Ellie Thumann and Hannah Meloche, and modeled for her first magazine cover. 2018 also brought the Sister Squad, which was the friend group name of the Dolan Twins, James Charles, and Chamberlain. Together, the Sister Squad made 13 YouTube videos that all have well over 10 million views. However, after their last Christmas video together the friend group went their separate ways. Nobody knows the real reason behind the split, the influencers only said that they grew apart and wanted different things.

2019: Chamberlain had a very busy 2019 from being nominated for Creator of the Year, Editing, and First Person by the Stream Awards to pulling all-nighters in New York City. This year also consisted of a lot of traveling for Chamberlain. Such as going to Paris Fashion Week, visiting New York City, going to Hawaii with her friends, and taking spontaneous trips to the beach. Another major accomplishment for Chamberlain that year is she was on Time magazine’s 100 Next List, which means she was one of the most famous rising stars in the industry. Besides her YouTube channel, Chamberlain was busy producing and creating another platform of content by starting her podcast, Stupid Genius. Stupid Genius later became renamed as Anything Goes later in the year. By this time, teens everywhere were obsessed with Chamberlain’s style and adored her fashion choices.

2020: In Jan. 2020 Chamberlain kicked off the start of the new year by being on her first American magazine cover of Cosmopolitan. Because of Stupid Genius, she won Best Podcaster for the 2020 Shorty Awards, which proved that it was a success. The year also brought another trip to Paris Fashion Week which Chamberlain, as always, looked so stylish. However, COVID had an impact on her YouTube videos, making her do activities in her home. Such as, cooking a 3-course meal, throwing herself a Coachella festival in her house, and celebrating her birthday on Omegle. She also had a major change by dying her hair blonde, which caused her fashion choices to become even more popular as her style changed a little. However, the biggest part of Chamberlain’s 2020 was the launch of her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee. This brand has become a huge success in Chamberlain’s career as people all around the world are enjoying many versions of her signature drink every morning.

2021: One of the highlights of this year for Chamberlain was attending her first-ever Met Gala. She killed her outfit choice by wearing a custom Louis Vuitton dress with cutouts in head-to-toe gold. In 2021, Chamberlain started focusing more on reading, journaling, cooking nutritious meals, meditation, and developing more healthy habits. She became even more focused on her coffee company and even more people turned to her for fashion trends and ideas. Chamberlain can pull off a wide range of styles and outfits from comfy and casual to elegant and glamorous. Besides modeling for Louis Vuitton, Chamberlain became a brand ambassador for Pacsun’s Spring/ Summer collection. Toward the end of 2021, Chamberlain made a drastic change to her YouTube channel to film calmer videos that leave viewers feeling peaceful rather than her old videos that were loud and chaotic.

2022: Since 2022 has just begun, Chamberlain has not put on much content on her YouTube channel but has posted quite a bit on Instagram. From her recent posts, it looks like Chamberlain has done some traveling and seeing new places while still posting trendsetting photos. As the year continues, followers of Chamberlain expect nothing but great things from her. 

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