This week on “Grey’s Anatomy”


Sydney Appleton

The return of Grey’s Anatomy left fans and viewers with many emotions. Scroll to learn what your favorite characters are up to.

Before reading, know that this article includes details from the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. 

As expected, the return of “Grey’s Anatomy” was nothing but chaotic.

The show started right where it left off when Owen had been involved in a tragic accident: the car he was traveling in flipped over a cliff. He was able to get out of the car and was taken back to Grey Sloan to be evaluated. His injuries are severe, but he is expected to power through. While he was stuck in the car with Cormac in the last episode, he admitted to Cormac that he had agreed to give multiple veterans, including Noah, a drug that would kill them and end their pain. Three of the four veterans were not qualified for the drug, which means Owen committed a major offense and Cormac is in the position to report Owen for his wrongdoing. This puts Cormac in a tough situation, as he has a duty to report Owen to Bailey.

On the other side of Grey Sloan, the sisters have temporarily brought their Parkinsons trial to Seattle. Amelia is dealing with the rathe of Link because he saw her kissing Kai. Link is devastated, as he knows Amelia does not love him.

As for Farouk, Teddy got the heart to the hospital in time and Maggie and Winston performed a lifesaving surgery. Megan’s mental health is now improving; her son will live, and her brother’s injuries are not fatal.

Teddy and Cormac got out of the accident without any severe injuries, but Hayes feels intense emotions. He is at a loss for words about how to handle what Owen confessed to him in the car. He does not know if he should tell Bailey and lose his friendship with Owen or not tell Bailey and risk going to jail, which would leave his sons without a father. After these scenarios and a buildup of feelings surrounding his family life, Hayes decides to resign so he can move his family back to Ireland. He gives his notice to Bailey and tells her that he will not return to the hospital. He claims that life in Ireland will be better for his children because it is their home, and they thrive the most there. His sudden departure from Seattle was not expected.

As the episode wraps up, Jo and Link meet at their home to discuss his feelings about Amelia. Link discusses with Jo that he does not want to feel pain anymore, and he does not want to mourn Amelia again. Jo gives her advice and the two end up kissing. This relationship was one of the expected ones. Jo and Link have been close friends for years and always end up single at the same time.

This episode certainly left fans shocked with accidents, relationships, and departures of characters. Grey’s returns next week with a new episode on ABC. Click here to watch the preview clip for next week’s episode.