Solange Sai: from Plant to NYU


Luka Vaicekauskas

A former Plant High School student, Solange Sai is currently majoring in Film and Television at NYU. It is part of the Tisch School of The Arts. At Plant she was part of Varsity Chorale, Pink Panthers Acapella group, and the film club. Now, Sai looks back and shares about her progress throughout this article.

Luka Vaicekauskas, Features Editor

From Tampa to New York in a matter of months, a former Plant High School student, Solange Sai, shares about her experience in one of the most competitive schools in the state-NYU. She is currently majoring in Film and Television. It is part of the Tisch School of The Arts. 

But for Solange, it all started at Plant, where she spent 4 years of her academic career. 

“At Plant I was a part of Varsity Chorale, Pink Panthers Acapella group, and the film club,” Sai said. When Solange was scouting for universities to pursue her passion, New York University immediately became a dream. 

“I decided to apply to NYU’s film school after I came to the realization that I wanted to pursue a career in the film industry. But I had already committed to UMiami when I got accepted into NYU, but since NYU had a better program and I fell in love with the city and campus, I decided that it was the place for me,” Sai said. 

For the NYU Film School Sai is part of, the application process is no different from for most universities. A common university application asks for a list of basic information about the student, school, and the family, as well as the GPA, standardized test scores, extracurriculars, and any awards earned in high school. Some schools may ask one to submit a high school resume, and personal essay. 

“The application process was similar to most schools, but for the film portion I had to create a portfolio, write a short story, and submit a short film. I made a short film called Liberation, that was what I submitted to NYU on my application,” Sai said. 

But Solange stood out in those thousands of applications that the NYU Admissions Office receives, because of her ongoing passion for culture.

“I think what stood out on my application was my continuous interest and pursuit in the arts whether it was being in Pink Panthers or talking about my love for film,” Sai said. 

Solange loves the experience of studying in New York, as well as the abundance of arts found. 

“My favorite part about being in NYU is being inspired by other artists and art all around,” Sai said. 

Currently, Sai is working on her photography skills, as well as in different projects where she can practice her natural talent.

“As for my photography portfolio, I’ve always been interested in photography, but recently bought my first camera for a movie that I am going to be Cinematographer for. My friend Natalie asked me to shoot her for a school project and I absolutely became addicted to it, so it looks like it’s going to be something that I am going to keep pursuing,” Sai said.

Ironically, you can find the information about the “Falling Forward” movie that Natalie Yale is working on in one of the previous “From Plant to NYU” articles, it is a feature film that both of them are working on at the moment.

However, Sai admires the diversity and opportunities NYC has to offer.

“My overall experience at NYU has been great. I love the people and amazing things to discover here as well as diversity in cultures, religions, nationalities, sexualities, and gender identities,” Sai said. 

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