TV Production seniors discuss senior video


Sophia Gray

TV Production members and seniors Hannah Hurd and Delaney Davis record the morning show. TV Production is currently working on the senior video.

Rowan O'Flanagan, Opinion's Editor

TV Production functions as both an elective class and extracurricular, as students create videos for the Plant High community. Read below to hear from two TV Production seniors, Gia Gholson and Hannah Hurd, about their experiences in the class and their latest project. 

What’s your role in TV Production?

Hurd: I’m one of the executive producers, so I mostly help with the planning/logistics end of things. 

Gholson: Filming/editing videos. 

Why did you join? 

Gholson: I want to do something with videography as a career. 

What would you say to students considering joining TV production? 

Hurd: Take it. You won’t regret it. 

Gholson: Do it. 

Are there any TV Production stories or memories you’d like to share? 

Hurd: My best memory is coming into school at night junior year to film. We got the whole school to ourselves and filmed a ghostbusters intro when it was all dark. It was one of those experiences we never would have had if we weren’t in the class and it was so much fun. 

Your big project now is the senior video, right? Tell me more about that. 

Gholson: The senior class better prepare themselves. 

Hurd: The senior video is a huge project. We spend most of the year putting it together, so it takes a lot of planning. Our biggest goal has been to include as many different people from the grade as we can, and so far everyone has been really cooperative which makes our jobs so much easier. Although you’ll have to wait until May to see it, trust us, it’ll be worth it. And like Gia said, the senior class better be ready. 

Is there anything else you want people to know about TV Production or the senior video?

Hurd: The senior video is still being produced right now, so make sure to be on the lookout for sign-ups in the near future to participate! 

If you and your friends want to be in the senior video, you can sign up at this link: